Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Illness. Crickets. Heat.

Quick update, been awhile. Much going on.

Finally feeling myself after being sick with some viral something or other. Monday felt terrible, but I've certainly felt worse. Before gig Trin noticed what looked like flea bites all over my back. But not fleas or she'd have them too. "This looks like a rash... You should go to doc tomorrow. " Well shit.

Barely made it thru Monday residency gig. Got home n rash worse. Trin talked me into going to ER as a precaution. Obvious illness plus mystery rash equals get it checked out. But am fine, aforementioned viral something or other. This afternoon walking dogs realized I was feeling good, and felt excited about it as if I'd just gotten a new effect pedal and couldn't wait to try it out. Wow, must have felt that terrible.

ETB did a quick Balcony Tv thing today. Last week was slammed, 5 gigs including a double header last Friday.

Anyway. Make sure you look into your pint glass at the bar before taking a drink. On Monday took a few swigs of water before noticing the cricket floating in it. They ate everywhete right now. That certainly didn't help me feel any better...