Tuesday, September 25, 2012

So much to catch up on.

I've really been slacking on this blog.

Not that nothing is going on in my life, quite the contrary. But my laptop has been having some issues, its really hard to type anything longer than a few sentences using the Blogger iPhone app, and some personal reasons as well.

Busy busy busy.

Continuing to have a full gigging schedule, 2-3 shows with ETB every week and Arcana Mundi has been doing 2 happy hour slots a week as well. Have jammed with the Dead Oak guys twice since my last post. Have been going over Ocean of Stars material with drummer Ric Furley. About to gear up for recording the Forever Town album with Frenchie Smith, have two rehearsals next week been overseen by the man himself. I also turned 38. And today I was offered the position of Musical Director for Runic Productions who will be doing the Spirit Chronicles paranormal investigations series. I mentioned that earlier this year on this blog, it fell through initially as things sometimes do. But was back in contact with them this weekend, met with them yesterday on the way back from vacation on the coast and before the ETB monday residency.

I will do several recaps of specific things and time frames, rather than list it all in one novelesque post. Still have yet to go through most of the pictures as well.

So yes. Things have been very busy and have had lots of ups and downs as of late. When I am feeling down I'd rather not even discuss it with people, let alone post about it here. Lets just say that being a working musician or any kind of professional artist has an inherent struggle against the soul-crushing aspects of this occupation.

As the above list shows, I have a lot going on and a lot to be thankful for and a lot to be proud of. However, I will need to keep it real for the rest of this paragraph, as the point of this blog isn't just the day-to-day activities of a working musician, but also the side affects of this particular profession. No big revelation, but I am struggling financially. I have good months, and I have very very lean months. Can barely keep up with bills. Buying food even on a SNAP card is more stressful than dealing with the crowds at the supermarket, hoping to the Gods of Bargains that we dont go over budget as that will affect bills. Doing constant financial gymnastics to stay on top of things and keep a little gas in my van. And it weighs heavy on my psyche. Part of me is proud of my career, the other half feels like an almost total failure because I am 38 years old and can barely pay my bills. Which snowballs as it gathers mass from other related worries and leaves me in a pretty bad mental state. But then something good happens, like the music director position, and suddenly all is right in the world. My bills will be paid when I have the money and that's that, worrying won't help. I just need to keep in mind I've pretty much taken a vow of poverty for the betterment of mankind. I'd have thoughts of getting out of this business if it wasn't the only thing I've really wanted to do with my life.

I didn't choose Music. Music chose me.

So that being said, I had a really awesome birthday celebration at Headhunters last week Sunday, and a pretty awesome birthday weekend all around. Which will have it's own post. I really needed that. Good to know how many good people and great friends and amazing musicians I have in my life. In my early 20's I'd read Jack Kerouac and wish that I too had this amazing group of friends to draw inspiration from and vice versa and have all these crazy adventures together. Well, this has sure as fuck come to pass. None of us are really famous like the Beats were, but Goddamn it our lives, stories and adventures are no less worthwhile.

Much love,
Danny G