Tuesday, February 23, 2016

I haven't been wanting to post this, but here goes.

Hope you all enjoy the recap of the crazy/weird/terrible/fun/awesome Thunderosa January run.

But late on Sunday Feb 7 (Super Bowl Sunday) I received some terrible news from AJ

Our wonderful host, Bonnie Wade, had passed.

We didn't have any details at the time. It was almost a month to the day when we arrived at her home in Tucson. It had been barely a month since she had been serenading us with songs on the piano, since we had sat down together at the dinner table and ate as a family, holding hands in prayer before doing so. It had been almost a month since she took Drew and I out for a beautiful stroll in the desert. She found an old bleached bone section and gave it to me as a souvenir, and had already placed it with other mementos (cool rocks etc) from that trip and many others.

I was deeply saddened, but more numb with shock. You just assume you will always see people when you pass through their necks of the woods. I was and am set to return to AZ with Adrian Conner in April. Was going to invite her out, even tho the Adrian shows will be centered around the Sedona area.

But things got even more heart-breaking when it was revealed by her family that she had taken her own life.

We were going to keep that detail to ourselves out of respect for her family, but her family released that detail on social media and left it at that. So although I don't want to talk about it, I can. Doesn't make it easier.

She had some things in her life which were troubling her, as we all do. But she seemed eager to move out of the rental house she hosted us in and travel around in her little RV. She was even planning to swing through Austin and say hi to all her friends there. She seemed weary, but also hopeful and excited.

I'm still a little crushed.

There is an Austin memorial service/celebration of her life this Sunday. Unfortunately I will miss it as I'll be returning from a weekend of shows in Oklahoma this weekend.

There are lots of other great things to talk about, but I don't feel like it.

But, for now:

Tell the people you love that you love them.

Tell the people you appreciate that you appreciate them.

Call the people you haven't talked to in awhile. Write a letter. Send a postcard.

If someone wrongs you, forgive them.

Smile and say hi to the people you pass on the street. Pet their dog if it's friendly.

Treat everyone with kindness, for every person you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about.

RIP Bonnie Wade

I hope you've found the peace you have been looking for.