Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Sat June 25, 2011

Roanoke VA, Downtown Saloon

Not sure what happened on the drive down, either a ripple in the space-time contnuum or possible alien abduction, but the drive down from Johnstown took 8.5 hours. Much longer than initial projections. And I stupidly took late afternoon drive shift thru the Blue Ridge Mtns with beautiful lighting. The photographer in me was kicking himself in the ass.

Rolled into venue and our hearts sank. Another bar/grill joint. Really nice staff and sound engineer. But still. We want to be in venues, so initally was a kick in the teeth. Which sucked cause we needed said teeth for the awesome food there. Regrdless set up and started to play for about 20 people.

But a lot of familiar faces: people from Leesburg VA, and MJ and husband also made the time-bending trip down there. That was cool. But 3 songs in something amazing happened... crowd started to swell, and a packed house by end of first set. People up front rocking and everything. Turns out everyone got on thei phones, crowd and barstaff alike and told their friends: get down here RIGHT NOW.

Which was awesom, but starting with the shuffle crowdwalk to turn heads, was already a few drinks in by first 2 songs. Had to spend rest of set trying to maintain, heh. But def felt I was misfiring all 1st set.

But 2nd set was all epic rock n roll glory. Amazing crowd, best of the entire tour. We handed them their asses on a plate and they were dying for 3rds and 4ths. Dessert even. I ripped off a brand new set of strings because I felt obligated to. It was amazing. Totally cemented the fact that this band truly has something special going on, and we need to put ourselves into the position to take it to next level. Hung out getting sloshed with the locals and staff. Already talking return date. This pleasant surprise from what appeared on the surface to be a stinker. Awesome.

We were forewarned about the Ramada the venue put us up in. And they were correct. Total shithole. Lobby immaculate but one past it was ghetto terrible. People lived there. Only nice thing other than lobby was nice little creek running alongside the place. Rob slept in the van due to bugs jumping on him soon as he laid down. As a precaution I slept in a protective layer of gig clothes and avoided being under the covers if I could help it.

Welcome to life on the road.

Fri June 24, 2011

Thunder in the Valley, Johnstown PA.

Boss Hoss tour shirts came in rght on shedule. Awesome. Got to Sleep in, ok. Bikers already pulling in and lawn chairs/coolers in grass next to hotel, bbq pit chained to a light pole.

For Thursday we rolled into biker rally/stage are and the skies opened just as we got to soundbooth tent. Pissing down. Then it stopped so we pulled in behind stage to load. Got 1/3 done and pissing down again. Had to wait and load right onto stage. Decent crowd for the weather. MJ the Pennsylvania superfan there with husband. Good set despite Rob playing w/out drum rug. He was chasing his kit all over the stage. I used both my 2x15's and it was indeed Thunder in the Valley.

Weather better for Friday. Johnstown has a really cool downtown. Lost in time, despite having been wiped out by biblical floods several times in the past.

Much better crowd this time! Hundreds watching from various vantage points. Rob had remedied the drum rug situation and was much happier. Started to sprinkle, causing all but diehards to run for the big tent. But then stopped by next song. For our closer "Voodoo Child" I asked everyone to come up front. "It's a biker rally, the rain has stopped and this is our last song!" And it actually worked, heh! 50+ people BAM up front. Would have felt like a dumbass had no one listened...

But great set, hung out and had drinks with Todd from Flood City Fest. Good times. Got back to hotel and full blown party next to building. Nice!!!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Thur June 23, 2011

Greetings from the van, en route to Johnstown PA for 2 shows at the Thunder in the Valley biker rally. Should be awesome, hope it doesn't rain...

Last night in Leesburg was pretty fucking amazing. Very good crowd, one of the biggest of the tour. We threw down and blew the doors off the place, and the people loved it. Good night in tips and merch sales as well, we just got our koozies in and they look pretty damn sweet. Def planing a return date. And many thanks to owner Scott Warner for his hospitality.

Was good to stay in one spot for 2 days, and next 2 days will be like that as well. Plus we have 2 rooms, so I will actually have my own bed which will be nice. Don't get me wrong, Russ and Rob are cuddly motherfuckers.

Onwards to Thunder in the Valley! The new T-shirts will hopefully be in today!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wed June 22, 2011

Greetings from Leesburg VA.

Man this place is awesome. The downtown is older than the Revolutionary War. Big Civil War site as well, Gettysburg and Antietam not far away. In Downtown Saloon, the bar we're playing the ghost of a Union soldier has been seen my many.

Rolled in yesterday evening, missed most of the rain. We did a last minute pickup gig here last night, well received. Good sounding little room. Scott the owner has really rolled out the red carpet for us, and is letting us stay at his place. Much appreciated!!!

Another gig here tonight. Bring it on, gonna be fun. Downtown Saloon pretty awesome, the place i'd hang out if I lived here.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tues June 21, 2011

Greetings from outside Allentown PA. En route to Leesburg VA for 2 nights at Downtown Saloon.

Just downloaded a Blogger app for my Droid. Holy shit, prepare for Blogpocalypse 2011. Can even post pics from using this app. Watch this:

Stopped briefly for a new serentine belt as ours managed to destroy itself. Got the replacement caught on Flip video, took Eric and Russ 4:30 flat. Nice. Total delay: about 20 minutes.

Van was ready by hotel checkout, holy crap that was fast. Even with the replacement control arm flown in from TN. Back on track, Boss Hoss running arrow straight and cool as a cucumber.

Will be good to be in one place and 2 hotel rooms next 2 nights. We've been packed like sardines for almost 4 weeks.

More to come

Mon June 20, 2011

Greetings from Rockaway NJ.

Day off, stuck here for repairs to Boss Hoss. Seems the pothole or bump in NYC that broco'd the van like we had hydraulics fucked up the front tire suspension to where the passenger tire was at a visible angle out of whack. No bueno. Should we have driven to Leesburg VA like that it could have fallen off and we could have died.

So we took into Sears automotive. Should be done by tomorrow afternoon and insurance will cover part/most of it since it was more shit happening than shit falling apart. Good news. Bad news is we will have to front $$ in meantime until claim goes thru. And we are already broke. Damn.

Regardless, we may be late to Leesburg tomorrow but we will make it in one piece, and get to rest next day as we are two nights at Downtown Saloon.

Rock on.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Greetings from NYC!

Past few days have been grueling, not gonna lie. Montpelier gig was a bust all around, just a bad deal in general. It happens. Staff was great, but had 90db sound limit so of course Eric had to turn down. Heading toawards NYC after the gig without enough $$ for a hotel, so slept in the van at a rest stop. Started raining and thunder soon as we parked.

Stopped for laundry in White Plains then on to Mercury Lounge in the Lower East side. Thunder rolling in, rain imminent. Past the venue and broco'd the van on bumps, fucked up front end. That will need out attention. Loaded in the rain with the help of another band, I let them use my bass for their soundcheck and they wanted to return the favor.

Had a sandwich in the van, that a banana and a free donut from some guy at the rest stop were all I ate yesterday. Hence my mood and energy level. Sleepingin the van didn't help. But gig did. Played a short blistering set an blew the doors off the place. Felt much better after that. Beers afterwards, met @mrdavehill from Twitter, who was playing the late show.

Headed into New Jersey w/no hotel lined up. That was a mistake but Priceline.com was over for th night. After many wrong turns, false leads and frayed nerves found a Holiday Inn Exress in Jersey City. Have a hotel res for tonight and have had 2 full meals today, so still tired and worn out but feeling better.

2 sets tonight at Stout NYC. Rock on!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Greetings from Boston MA.

Playing Church of Boston tonite. Currently sitting in Boss Hoss in parking lot of said venue, all of on our phones and Eric on his laptop as well, tying up loose ends now that we have steady phone signal. TCB

Drive from Chicapoo uneventful, wx fair and sunny. And to think it's 100 degees back home. But van has no AC.

About to run to a Target to buy a Flip 4G, for purposes of video blogs and general documenting of dumb shit. Look for that coming soon as well, in addition to continued updates on FB and Twitter.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Greetings from Chicopee MA!

Not sure where the hell we are, en route to Boston for gig at Church of Boston tomorrow and hopfully vocal tracking for Chicago soundstage recordings. We are here cause the brakes went out.

Russ driving, suddenly he's pushing the pedal to the floor to slow down. We pull over and Eric pulls th tire. Brakeline came loose. He fixed but clamps holding calipers going so still wonky. I direct us via phone GPS to an Autozone in the ghetto. That was interesting but not as bad as sounded. They also didn't have caliper so Eric replaced shoes on both front tires in 24 minutes flat. Good to have a mechanic in the band. Found another place at closing for caliper, got that on in a truckstop parking lot.

So after about 4 hours Boss Hoss was good to go and we were back on the road. Morale still good, getting to the meat and bones of this leg of dates. Need to get on my laptop and post pics.

Until then, will report in when I can.
Greetings from Horseheads NY

Heading to Boston today, play there tomorrow. Drove all day from Brighton MI to get here. Played at Jake's Bar downtown. Another gig that well-exceeded low expectations. PA this time but no stage. We set up in two nooks by the front door. Brad the owner wanted to keep dart machine running on my side, but that proved to be an impossibility. Brad was great and very accommodating. Gig went well, not huge crowd but people there digging it. Walking the crowd a drunk lady grabbed the back of my pants to pull m towards her. Then she grabbed my boxers and tried to give mea wedgie... wtf?!? She later fell and ate shit at the bar. Karma.

Aftershow hijinks not nearly as legendary as 2 nights ago in Brighton, which was caught on video. Hung out with some good people and a few annoying drunks at the bar. Brad paid us extra in addition to our guarante. Thanks man! Same thing hapened in Brighton the prev night, paid a bonus to guarantee + tips. Made these last two nights quite profitable. Good deal.

Boston, you are next!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Greetings from the van, somewhere in Michigan.

En route to Brighton outside of Detroit for gig at Stonefire Bistro tomorrow night. Then head straight to Horseheads NY fr gig Saturday.

Today was long but good. Awoke in a funk, nothing I want to get into but not optimal mood for doing a live soundstage recording and having to get up at 7:30am either. Loaded into the Mayne Stage in Chicago in the rain. Great room , great stage. Set up and gave it hell on little sleep and empty stomachs. Brief playbacks we heard sounded pretty damn good. Can't wait to hear finished product.

Will post updates from the road and full recap as time allows. Until then, keep checking in!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Greetings from Madison WI.

My internet has been spotty as we've been at Eric's parents' place in Richland Center. Will begin recap prolly next few days, need to upload camera and phone pics.

So far so good. Van problems which are being remedied. Shows cut short or cancelled. Good venues and shitholes. Gear failure, coyote hunts and run-ins with locals. Good times.

At the High Noon Saloon tonite. Great stage, great sound! Everyone real nice. Sitting at the restauran nearby for hopefully discounted or comped dinner. My wireless tranmitter is fucking up, thought it was battery snap but no dice. Sucks cause crowd walks are a big part of our show. Guess it'll be barrel connector and extra cord, again. Should be a good show, Eric's old stomping grounds, or close to them at least.

Fuck yeah, this site now has a visible cursor so editing won't be a pain in the ass. Hello more blog updates! Sweet.

More to come....