Saturday, January 15, 2011

First post of 2011. Halfway thru the first month.

Well shit. My blog skills are slipping, perhaps. But just activated Sprint Hotspot on my phone, so currently using it to provide wireless internet to my laptop. Crazy. No longer have the excuse of "well it's hard to edit this shit typing it from my cellphone." True dat, hard indeed to edit entire paragraphs with no visible cursor. Hopefully Blogger will fix that on the phone-version.

Anyway. Took a self-imposed sabbatical for a few days this week. Wasn't going to do shit, think about shit, or think about doing shit. Helped, immensely. Instead of recharging my battery when I can, took the time to fully recharge it so it will run longer.

Few developments:

ETB tried out a drummer Monday night (no preparation) and he fucking KILLED it. Def the happiest we've been onstage with a drummer since the roulette started. Young kid that Michael played a funk gig with NYE, and has been raving about ever since. ANd Michael was not bullshitting us, in the least. Just, wow. Jumped onstage and OWNED it. Playing with him again tonight in San Angelo (no rehearsals either). Hope he wants the gig...!

So was in a good mood going into my few day sabbatical. Harder to NOT try to stay busy than it is trying to stay busy. Weird.

Started off Thursday finally trouble-shooting some of my stricken guitar effects pedals. Got my tremolo pedal to start tremoloing again, so that's good. All I did was replace the battery and poke around the circuit board. Works now *shrugs*. Had no such dumb luck with my Wah pedal. Still non functional, and my trouble-shooting skills are seriously rusty. Hopefully my friend who is translating the Bass Crybaby schematic to a layout will have that in, miss my bass wah as well. Then played Ocean of Stars music on guitar. God that felt good, and the title song kind of needs my tremolo pedal, so good that its working again.

Speaking of gear, much closer now to having my custom Mergilli Innovations replica Dietz 2x15. Eric had him speed up the process a bit after last week Saturday watching me wire and re-speakers in my 410, only to ram my bass headstock into (and almost through) the speaker grill in an attempt to skewer the fucking thing and hopefully put it out of its misery. God I hate that 4x10 cab. But Eric talked to Mergilli, who said he has a spare empty 2x15 enclosure. So he put my EV 15's in THAT to use in the meantime til my custom cab is built, which will hopefully be by next weekend. It sounded amazing that Monday night, another reason I was having so much fun.

Lots of other stuff but no room or time to discuss here. In the meantime I will hope the rain lets up before leaving for San Angelo (and totally re-packing the van), that my van decides to idle on the way to ETB rendezvoux point and not stall out every time I stop, and that we have a good crowd and make some good money tonight.

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