Thursday, September 22, 2011

Been in get-shit-done mode all yesterday and today, sitting at my laptop until my eyes and head hurt.

Just ordered some new business cards, my old ones had fuckin MySpace links on them. Found a great and affordable site ( and made some pretty bad ass ones if I may say so myself, the ones on Vista Print were effing terrible. Need those in general, and especially now since I'm trying to fill the void in my calendar with the ETB India tour falling through. Didn't post any ads on Craiglsist (have actually had some good luck there) but browsed thru several pages and responded to one that looked promising, see if I can hook up some session work.

In the meantime ETB picked up this past Monday at Friends, our old residency slot. As much as I want to say I don't like playing 6th Street, our Mondays were getting bad ass before we left on tour, drawing weekend crowds and making weekend money on a Monday night with no cover and getting a cut of bar sales and passing a tip jar. And last Monday was no different. Lot of old friends and familiar faces, and plenty of foot traffic off the street. Good fun and good times, just like old times.

San Angelo and Lubbock were pretty decent over the weekend. Steel Penny Pub has reopened as the Penny Pub and has made some welcome upgrades. My only gripe is that they redid the walls of the men's room so they are no longer covered with centerfolds and weird amended graffiti like "THE REVOLUTION IS NEAR (my penis)". Added another date to my tag on the backstage wall, believe there are 5 of them now. Texas Cafe in Lubbock used to be called The Spoon and Eric used to play there all the time 2 years ago. Not a bad place tho we had to bring a PA, nice big room with a long, narrow stage which I prefer over a square stage. Don't have to crane my neck back to see Rob and watch for cues. Not a huge crowd but there were people that remembered the old band and will bring their friends next time.

All and all had BBQ for 3 meals in a row. Coopers in Llano on the way up to San Angelo, BBQ plate at venue in Lubbock, Coopers again on the way back. No wonder I've been eating fish, veggies and salads all week heh!

On Tuesday I went to Matt Smith's studio with Tim Abbott to sit in and hang out while work being done on Tim's record and to network with Matt. Need to get him a CD and maybe get into rotation with his session players. And that would be awesome.

Also still talking with Magnetic Eye Recordings. Have finally found cost effective numbers for a re-release of "Ocean of Stars". See how it goes. Would like to use record label stamp of credibility as catalyst to get Ocean of Stars up and running as a side project. Casually talking to players and thinking of both attainable and far-fetched goals for it. A booking agent and occasional support act touring would be awesome. Let y'all know how it goes.

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