Friday, May 18, 2012


Wow, I took a vacation from this blog. Much going on and been going on. Right now listening to my track "Brief Ties To Space" as I posted the link on Twitter and checked it to make sure it worked. ETB played Triple Crown in San Marcos last night, not a huge crowd but the people there dug it. Trying to remember if I last played there with Velvet Brick in 05/06, or if the Ryan Bales Band had ever played there. Looked for Southern Gun Culture stickers but didn't find any, SGC played there many times in early 00's. Cool place, good to be back. Just came back from several days on the coast seeing family and relaxing. Much needed vacation and awesome visit. Played my first gig with Shandon Sahm in about 2 years at Varsity Bar on Cinco de Mayo. He forgot his stage clothes and did the gig in silver space boots, sunglasses and his underwear. It was awesome. Also the Pearl Agency was overwhelmed by ETB's booking needs and we will not be working together. Looking into other avenues to go forward with summer tour plans. Residency ETB gigs have been hit and miss. Weird time of year. Also did a bass session with stoner rock band Dead Oak with J Yeunger from White Zombie engineering. That was fucking awesome, and J is a really great guy as are the Dead Oak cats. Huge White Zombie fan back in the day, was worried I might geek out a little but he's as humble and easy going as any other of my musician friends. Tonight ETB plays Headhunter's patio. We'll be playing probably a mix of stripped-down and full bore, depending on the crowd. The stripped down has been going over VERY well, might be a cool change for a louder music venue like HH. Sunday we play our good friend Seace's birthday par-tay at the Dirty Dog. That should be fun. Hope to see the eclipse before we go on.

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