Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Dead Oak track, and other stuff.

Check this out.

Few months back I did a bass recording session with the band Dead Oak with J Yeunger of White Zombie fame engineering. Fun stuff, good to get back to some of my stoner rock roots.

Here's "Wizard Sleeve"

Forgot to post, got rough mixes awhile back and been so busy I've barely had time to listen to them. Pretty darn cool sounding \m/,

Also check this out, poster I made for Eric Tessmer's birthday show this weekend:

I'm pretty proud of it, heh

In other news, did the ETB Monday residency last night at Friends. No noise ordinance problems, but the closed windows did make for a smaller crowd. Go figure.

Right before we started I saw a movement on one of the EV's in my bass cab. It was a huge cockroach. It then crawled into the vent in the cab. Boy is that thing in for a ride. I'm thinking it survived, as those fuckers can survive anything. I never did see it. If still in there, I hope it doesn't crawl out into my van.

In other news, I'm putting together my birthday shindig at Headhunters next month. Talking IRONCLAD reunion so that's cool! Also asked Adrian and the Sickness, waiting to hear back. Keep y'all posted.

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