Tuesday, March 19, 2013

300 posts

Wow. This snuck up on me.

Didn't have a big speech planned, heh. But thank you all for reading this. This is my life.

About to work on SXSW 2013 report, finally get that completed in a timely manner (or at all...). That will be an epic tale in and of itself, full of bands, gigs, van breakdowns and goons in golf carts. Coming soon.

For now I will use Post 300 to recap ETB Monday residency gig last night at Friends.

Our drummer Rob's back is out of commission. He'll be OK, but will possibly be out all week. More about that in forthcoming SXSW report.

We had our good friend Adrian Meyers fill in on drums for Rob. He's young, a great player and fun to watch. Check him out in Dave Scher Trio, who often plays the early set before ETB at Friends. So he was already doing double duty last night.

Adrian has filled in once or twice before, but no actual practice. Rob was definitely missed. But knowing we couldn't do most of the originals (or so we thought) it was fun to just jam with Adrian onstage in front of a crowd.

Was a blast! Adrian did great. Put a cool Latin beat to "Love Is Taking It's Toll," was able to follow along well enough with the originals that the crowd didn't know that he'd probably never even played them before. Lots of extended jams, lots of improvisation.

Definitely had to adjust my playing as I'm so used to playing with Rob and so used to the way he plays. I've played with Adrian maybe once before and wasn't super familiar with his style, especially during improv, so that kept me on my toes all night.

And it was awesome. Even Dave Scher (an accomplished guitarist/bassist/drummer himself) got up and played 2 songs with us on drums. Good times. Great crowd and they loved it. We played right up until close (ETB usually gets done around 1:30). Fun.

A good night all around. Anyway, I gotta run and work on SXSW report before my memory gets too foggy.

Stay tuned!

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