Wednesday, September 18, 2013

My Birthday today

Go me for hanging in there another year. The Big 3-9.

I don't feel old, yet.

Hope that trend continues. I still feel in very good shape for my age, still have most if not all of my hair (thank God!), and even with an increasing amount of grey in my beard and the odd wizard eyebrow hairs that are growing in I still get pegged for late 20's.

 I'll take it!!!

Celebrated last night at the Blues Condition Blues Jam at Legendary White Swan, hosted by the Ortiz Brothers of Amplified Heat.

Good times. Got to debut some Ocean of Stars songs with Ric Furley (drums) and Derek Rodrigues (sax) with my good friend Heather Webb filling in bass duties. Went well, as far as I can remember! End of the night got pretty hazy, but I wasn't driving. Good times with lots of great people and lots of great music!

Photo of the dusted-off Iceman by Beky Hayes

Still no permanent bass player for OoS and still working on that.

Spent most of last week learning music for a show with Diesel & Dixie in San Antonio last weekend. Great shit, high-octane Southern heavy rock/metal/progressive/etc. Not for the faint of heart, and very involved musically. Took me the better part of 6 days and two band rehearsals to almost master 9 songs.

Fun show at Serna's Backyard Sports Bar, sharing the bill with their good friends Powerchief and The Heroine.

Trying to decide if I should post the videos of all three bands having fun during the band set changes, heh! It was glorious in its fun drunken stupidity, those guys are awesome. Took over the dance floor and showed everyone there how to have a good time! I'm gonna go out on a limb and assume touring with them is a blast \m/,

Note to self: stretch out before those 45 power sets... Was feeling that one well into Monday.

On Monday night my good friend and old SGC bandmate Amber Lucille asked me to play guitar with her as a duo at the Blind Pig.

That was fun!

Kind of a slow night due to the intermittent heavy rain, but was good to get to play guitar for that long for once and make some extra money. And the fact that I didn't really know how to play most of the songs she did def kept me on my toes, heh! But I managed just fine, as I'd heard most of these songs many times and was able to figure them out sooner of later, or just make something up \m/,


Tonight continuing my birthday festivities and going to the Barbara Nesbitt (Whiskey Sisters) solo CD release party at Strange Brew.

Tomorrow refreshing the Forever Town music for a rehearsal with them that night. Playing with them at the Dirty Dog on Friday.

Then I'll be subbing on bass for the Eric Tessmer Band on Saturday at BD Riley's! That'll be fun, have missed playing with those guys. Which reminds me, I need to learn a song for that one too.

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