Friday, November 15, 2013

Ocean of Stars, Work, Craigslist, My Ass on a Plate courtesy of Hell's Belles

Big news!

(For me at least, heh)

Ocean of Stars now has an official line up:

Danny G: Guitar
Derek Rodrigues: Saxophone
Melanie Martinez: Bass
Ric Furley: Drums

Finally had full rehearsal on Wednesday with Melanie Martinez on bass. It went great. Feels like a band! I'd worked with Melanie on the material a few times prior, with her making exponential progress each time, and she kicked it's ass. We all played and sounded great together, and even made some creative progress on 'Hammerfoot.' Very stoked!!!

Photo courtesy Melanie Martinez:

Feels absolutely amazing to finally have a working line-up on the band I've been trying to put together since 2008. And of course, now it feels like no time has passed at all. Ha!

And we also already had a gig offer, to open for Thunderosa tonight. Even tho we only have 3 songs we can play, we unfortunately had to turn it down because Derek is unavailable, heh.

In other news, my calendar is heating up for the next week and hopefully rest of the month. Tho I did have gigs for Friday and Saturday fall in my lap and fall through just as fast.

Posted on some of the FB musician groups and put a new ad on Craigslist. Going to a music industry mixer/jam for the Recording Conservatory at Arlyn Studio on Monday.

Say what you will about CL, it is still a great resource. Tho you have to weed through a lot of bullshit ads and not let the anti hired-gun contingent boil your blood too much... But I have gotten a lot of session work through it and cool opportunities, as well as hooking up with The Mother Truckers. Not to mention that tho I didn't get the bass job in Good For You, I did get to jam improv with Greg Ginn for an hour and a half.

This time around have gotten numerous responses. About to start learning music for Skyline Drive, who have shows at the Saxon Pub for Nov. 19 and 26th, a rehearsal for Monday at noon location pending, and an additional set Nov. 18 at Sahara Lounge now.

Another response that could lead to some session work and some gigs as well. Have not heard back yet.

Another response asking about bass lessons. And not just lessons, but very specific things about technique and writing of bass lines. Meeting with him to begin his training on Wednesday.

Placed an ad on Corpus Christi CL since I'll be down there around Thanksgiving. Already a response to that as well, a gig on Dec 6 which I had to decline as Dead Oak is planning on heading into the studio again on Dec 7 to record more tracks at Ohm with J Yeunger (met them thru CL).

Plus, Forever Town just had their album mastered at Terra Nova the other day, so that will be coming out soon. (Also CL).

And on Tuesday I've been asked to be in a video shoot with Adrian and the Sickness. My response to yes or no on that was a resounding FUCK YEAH.

Speaking of Adrian Conner, got to see Hell's Belles last night downtown at Austin Fanfest, a huge block party (several blocks actually) related to the Formula 1 race this weekend.

And they handed me my ass on a plate! Amazing show, best I've ever seen from them and one of the best I've seen in awhile!

Got a ride with Armando Reyes (Adrian and the Sickness drummer) and his friend Kathy Jo, that was awesome. Lots of friends and musical family in the crowd, too many to name, ha! The Belles were on fire, and for one little boy dressed up as Angus Young, his life will never be the same, as evidence in the video I took last night! Awesome.

I feel truly blessed and inspired to be friends with the people I am friends with \m/,

Tonight going to see Thunderosa  at the Dirty Dog, bassist Mike Mackie's last show with them, in Austin at least. Since I filled in for him on that weekend (story coming, I swear), it would be good to help see him off and wish him well. And that show is gonna fucking rock balls too. Thunderosa with home field advantage in their favorite venue, and their CD release party (I think?).


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