Thursday, May 29, 2014

Adrian and the Sickness 6000 Mile West Coast Tour update!

This run has been absolutely amazing.

But we've literally been moving so much and so fast and haven't stopped long enough to give me a chance to fire up my my laptop and start doing daily updates. Wow.

Currently in Cheyenne WY, had last night off and spent the day driving here from Salt Lake City. Ship out in about 45 minutes to head to Denver for a show at Three Kings tonight and two more Colorado dates before finally heading home.

About to get packed and ready, will start a blow-by-blow if time allows. If not, when I get home. Certainly much to tell.

This tour has been a resounding success, and I'm very proud of Adrian and proud to be a part of it with her and Armando. Travelling with them has been a blast and playing with them has been a joy.

I've seen some of the most beautiful country I've ever seen on my many years of travel. America never ceases to amaze me. Seen some old friends and met many new ones. Have a new appreciate of Led Zeppelin (not that I don't!!!!) after the shows we did with Zeparella. We played to 600 people at Slim's in San Francisco and knocked them dead. I experienced Metalchi, and we had an amazing day off in Sedona AZ, both of which were life changing


Much to tell, and it'll get told. Bear with me!

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