Friday, July 11, 2014


AS always, much going on. Hard to keep track.

On the agenda for today: continue work on my personal music website (long time coming), continue work on the music I've been demo-ing to put up on some of the royalty free music sites I've been cued into, shore up Ocean of Stars rehearsal schedule and a gig tonight downtown with Sean Evan and his Very Handsome Band.

Past few days I've been working on music in the mornings, and doing other things like waiting for the AT&T U-verse installer to come out. Apparently the neighborhood box he was going to hook me into was overrun by ants and termites so needed replacing.

But I have wireless internet, again. Thank Crom! It was somewhat hindering my ability to do business here at the house using the hot spot from my iPhone. Websites slow, music links I'm trying to listen to kept stopping to buffer, and videos forget about it.

So now I can upload things to DropBox and actually look at other musician websites to get ideas for my own.


In other news I just bought an SWR Bass 350, chrome front. No pics yet as due to said chrome front making it hard to photograph heh

But it's this guy:

About $300 at Guitar Center, and still have 28 more days to see if I like it. So far so good. Rushed into purchase due to Sean Evan & VHB filling my calendar the next two+ months, and some of those places my SVT would be too much. I've been using my Marshall JCM800 as a lower power bass head, but it's an extra (big/heavy) thing to carry. Plus my SVT has developed a hum and the bias was rather out of whack when I checked it last week.

The SWR is rackmountable and within the range of power load that my cabs can handle. Built like a tank as well. Haven't been a fan of SWR amps but this one isn't too shabby.

I needed something ASAP, and this is the amp that presented itself.

For the rest of the month have gigs with Sean Evan & VHB, Deann Rene Band, Andy Macintyre and Adrian and the Sickness.

Ocean of Stars has a booking for early August and it's time to resume rehearsals. We haven't played together since mid-May, and that will be remedied \m/,

Spent a gig free previous weekend in bed recouping and resting. Turns out I must have pulled an abdominal muscle loading out (drunkenly) from a gig (had a designated driver) the previous Friday.

Had for several days (and still do) a dull ache/discomfort in my lower right abdominal area. Then that Tuesday played the Infynit Hour with Dean Rene Band. After the taping Kyle's (guitar) car wouldn't start, so Ric Furley and I attempted to push his car a bit to get it resting differently on the parking lot's inherent incline (problematic fuel pump, maybe that would help)

We pushed it two feet and ran out of curb to use as leverage. And even small cars are heavy. Kyle was able to get a ride for him and his gear.

And apparently even smaller cars are very heavy. By last week Friday my right side where I had a separated rib 20 years ago was really bothering me, and my back threatened to seize at one point. Shit. Gettin old.

So I spent much of the weekend on Advil and a heating pad, laying in bed reading a Johnny Cash bio. Was not happy about all the important things I wanted/needed to do being put on hold, but by Saturday evening I was feeling much improved, and realized how badly my body needed to rest in general, and not just from trying and failing to push a car.

Wow. Downtime. Who'da thunkit.

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