Tuesday, December 2, 2014

December, and beyond

Had rehearsal last night with Adrian (and the Sickness).

That was a blast. Knocked the rust off some of the stuff we don't play very often and some of the harder songs. Playing in San Antonio Friday at the Tonic Bar, and we'll be playing all night.

Even tho there were some flubs, in general holy shit we sounded tight! Good to play with Adrian and Armando again as always! And hopefully we don't get rear-ended again at speed on I-35 like we did last time we played there...

The following week Ocean of Stars gets together mid-week to prep for the Dec 17 gig, then I will be covering some ground with Thunderosa that weekend.

Thurs Dec 11 in San Angelo at the Deadhorse, then hauling ass to play the next night in Tucson at The Bashful Bandit, then Saturday in Phoenix at Chopper John's. Then haul ass right back to Austin that Sunday, have hopefully another OoS rehearsal that Monday.

The kicker for the Thunderosa run is for one (or hopefully BOTH dates), AJ and I will be backing up our good friend Mike Mihina for Love Mound as the rhythm section. Mike is a top-notch individual, and a bad ass musician.

I first met Mike on the Southern Gun Culture 'March To The Sea' New Orleans-to-Los Angeles run in 2003. SGC played Tucson AZ with Love Mound and Solid Donkey. Great line up. Have been friends with Mike as well as Julia from S.D. ever since.

Reconnected with him in 2006 when Love Mound played during SXSW 2006, and consequently met AJ for the first time as he was drumming for Mike. I was putting together Ironclad at the time and asked AJ if he wanted to play drums. He never got back to me hahaha. A year or two later, Ironclad played with Love Mound again during SXSW in 2007-ish? at a record store which I can't even remember the name of now, but it was a great place and a great day party show.

Mike also came out to the Adrian and the Sickness Tucson show back in May. We talked about me doing some guest guitar tracks on the new Love Mound album, which I of course agreed to like a motherfucker!

We are still talking about that, and it will happen very very soon. Keep y'all posted!

The week after the break-neck AZ run is the Wed Dec 17 Gypsy Lounge show that Ocean of Stars is playing.

Which by promoting the show I inadvertently filled out the bill. Photographer/musician Ricardo Acevedo asked if his project PetCatMan could open, I replied it isn't really up to me but pointed him to Nancy LaBarbiera who offered us the date. She put them on the bill at 9pm before our 10pm. Then AJ asked, I directed him to Nancy, and now looks like Thunderosa is playing after OoS at 11pm. And I will be playing bass, as I and my bass rig will be there anyway. Hahaha.

Thursday Dec 18 I'll be playing with Heather Bishop for a Mobile Loaves and Fishes benefit/event. Then Friday and Saturday I will be playing the Rio Grande Valley with Thunderosa, in McAllen TX at Smokin Aces on the 19th and Laredo TX at The Cold Brew Rock n Metal Bar on the 20th. Then hauling ass back to Austin so I can play an afternoon set with Deann Rene Band at the Saxon Pub on Sunday the 21st.

Then probably spending the entire week of Christmas with my family. Returning to Austin to play with Sean Evan and the Very Handsome Band Saturday Dec 27 at Pat O'Brien's in San Antonio.

Busy busy busy. No plans yet for New Years Eve, but my schedule is certainly open.

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