Monday, February 9, 2015

RPM Challenge update, Back on guitar

RPM Challenge update:

Day 9

Have twelve songs ideas laid out, can easily drop two or three of the weaker ones (or try to make them better). Worked on some guitar today. But scouting locations to start tracking drums this week, need to get on that ASAP. Laid out the last idea yesterday, wanted to try something in drop C.

Still not sure what the album will sound like exactly, but very pleased with some of the material so far.

Also swapped my pedalboards yesterday, the one I've been using for bass was a bit smaller and lighter than the one I've been using for guitar. Since I'm going to be playing guitar more, I wanted to use the lighter board for that.

I also added a TS-808 clone I built as a lead boost/additional gain stage. I'll need that for the Bleu gigs.

And my debut on guitar at the Redneck Country Club in Houston on Friday went great!

Glad I did the prep work with Hec Rivera leading up. I was still a little sketchy on some things, but in general it sounded and felt great! Awesome show, really great crowd. And that place definitely treats you like royalty.

Photo by Amanda Comstock:

Great to be back on guitar!

And the new bassist Tony Valdez killed it! Great player, great guy. Met him officially for the first time when I got to Hec's place to take everyone to rendezvous with Bleu in New Braunfels. Upon meeting him I liked him immediately. One gig in, this line up feels really good.

Then played with Eric Tessmer Band at the historic Poodie's Hilltop in Spicewood, just outside of Austin.

Fun show, really good crowd! Always good to play with Eric, as well as finally play with Rob again too, who missed some gigs in January as he was in Europe on tour with Nowherebound. Good for him!

More RPM updates to follow.

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