Sunday, March 29, 2015

SXSW 2015 Report: Day 0

Tuesday March 17, 2015

SXSW Day Zero

Ordinarily on this day there has been a Tuesday SXSW Kickoff party at Red Eyed Fly and has been for years and years. Unfortunately with the ownership of REF changing hands, it didn't happen this year.

Which was very sad, it was a show I have been going to for years and years, and last year (2014) marked the first official live appearance by Ocean of Stars. That was a huge honor.

Left with nothing to do, I was trying to decide to stay in or do something.

Doing something presented itself with band chatter among Adrian and the Sickness. We decided to meet up at Adrian's new place and go to a similar kickoff party at the Lost Well (no where near downtown, awesome!). Our friends Sabbath Crow were playing, as well as the band Mos Generator, whom I'd always heard about but have never seen.

What fun! It was great to hang out with Adrian and Armando outside the confines of playing a show or rehearsing. Just hanging out. Felt like we were in a gang :)

Crimson Devils

House Harkonnen

Mos Generator (everything everyone has been saying about them for years is absolutely true. Wow)

Sabbath Crow

What a great night of music. Had the same kind of family reunion feel that the Red Eyed Fly kickoff always had. Very awesome. I miss going to shows, and I miss seeing my musical family.

Wish we could have stayed all night, but alas a crazy busy week was about to begin and we were already very tired.

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