Thursday, October 21, 2010

Posting from Boss Hoss via my phone en route to Eric Tessmer Band gig in New Jersey.

Damn I love this phone!

Last night did some pre-show upkeep to my rig. Replaced both preamp tubes and put the 10" speaker back in m cab which Eric reglued the dust cap back on. Sounded pretty damn good, new tubes breathed some new life into my rig. Decent crowd at Maggie Mae's, felt we played really well. Turned amp back up after turning it down to tame my stage volume but realized it could come up while walking the crowd.

Also: last night voicemail from Josh saying that Little Steven picked "Alien Girl" to be his Coolest Song in the World for week of Halloween. Awesome! Second Truckers song from new album and 3rd tune overall he's picked. Think he likes us! Also check the latest Guitar Player Magazine (Dec 2010) for a quick Q&A with Josh Zee.

Talking to two speaker cab builders about custom 2x15 cabs. Very reasonable prices as well. Awesome. Looking forward to some gear upgrades.

ETB Monday night at Friends was a mixed bag. Dead when we started and packed an hour later. But I was making a lot of bonehead mistakes, then realized I was driving my amp way harder than I've ever done, hence the new tubes. Thank God, can't afford to blow an amp right now.

So yeah, in the van on a very long trip. Playing a private in Scotch Plans NJ for a catering company who's clients are music festivals. Yes, this could be huge. Spending some off time in Wisconsin with a few gigs trip back.

While posting this we almost died at least once. Fuckin drivers.

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