Thursday, October 14, 2010

My first blog post from the new phone, but will get to that.

Last few weeks since last post have been a roller coaster. Spent four days thinking long and hard about a life choice that I don't want to get into right now but will at a later time. Then drinking wine like a hobo every night so I can sleep. But it is all good and will all be good. You will see (er, READ).

The house sold on Oct 7th. That is huge. Feels like now my ex wife and I can finally move on. Took part in the signing over the phone while loading in for an ETB show in Athens Ga. Threw my od house key into the Mississippi River on.the way back. Picked up my check on Monday only to realize all the banks were closed for Columbus Day. Well shit!

Bought a new phone yesterday, a Samsung 4G Epic. Needed an uprade as a business tool since I travel so much. It is utterly mindblowing what these things can do now. Now my phone is a computer more than anything, just WOW.

In the middle of a busy week. ETB already played Sunday, Monday and Wednesday. Tonight it's the Mother Truckers @ Antones, Friday TMT at Sam's Burger Joint in San Antonio and Sat at Dallas House of Blues. Sunday ETB @
Jonestown. Busy busy busy.

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