Friday, July 20, 2012


Busy is good.

Last week the ETB Saxon Pub gig was awesome, great crowd even though we played there the week before as well. Also the Forever Town gig afterwards at the Dirty Dog went great! Still had plenty of energy reserves left even after the previous blistering 2 hour Saxon set. Finally met and chatted with local producer Frenchie Smith afterwards, really good guy.

ETB @ Saxon,photos courtesy of Dave TV

Forever Town @ Dirty Dog, photos courtesy Triniti Young

Health-wise have been up and down. Sunday and most of Monday felt blah, but not as much in the past. Can't remember if I posted about it, but my retired-nurse mother did some research on my weird symptoms and theorized I am getting over West Nile Virus. Cool, hopefully my first weird tropical disease \m/, Had the ER doc actually TESTED the blood they drew 3 weeks ago I would have known that sooner...

But felt much improved after the ETB Monday gig at Friends, which is saying something. I felt better *after* playing for 3 hours than I did before. Tuesday and Wednesday felt great! Had practice with Arcana Mundi Tues in prep for our inaugural warm-up gig at Kick Butt Coffee tonight.

Wednesday afternoon I had my doctor appointment via HAAM that I had set up the week of my ER visit. Wow, wish the ER visit had gone as well as seeing this doctor. And of course I was feeling fine at the time, go figure. But they took more blood, and will actually be testing it this time. If they find something I will hear from them in a few days. If nada, will hear about it when I receive the results in the mail. See what happens.

Wednesday eve I jammed with Thunderosa, who I will be joining for occasional shows on lead guitar. God it felt good to play. AJ is very interested in drumming for Ocean of Stars as well, so it will be more of an energy trade, as neither can afford to really pay the other for their time, heh. Keep y'all posted on that.

After Thunderosa practice went with Triniti to Headhunters for the BugGirl Euro tour farewell show. Good times with good people, another one of those awesome family reunion type deals. However... No sooner had BugGirl taken the stage that my energy level dropped like a damn rock. Fuck fuck fuck. I sucked it up and had as good a time as I could, but not long after their set we had to say our goodbyes and head out. Dammnit, thought I was over this shit...

Woke Thursday morning from weird dreams and still felt like shit. Went back to a fitful sleep and again woke up feeling like shit. But things turned around shortly before heading to MJ Torrence's for final Arcana Mundi practice and felt fine rest of the day, which is good cause ETB was playing in Killeen that night. Which was a misadventure unto itself. We took my van Goldie Hawn, as I recently had $2700 in radiator and front end work, and just got a new (used) tire to replace the old one that you could practically see the air through. Drive to Killeen uneventful. Get to club, Jokers Icehouse, and began loading onto the outdoor stage. The booker seemed confused. Turns out they were double-booked. Some TX Country band they were "paying a lot of money for". Wow, what are we, chump change? So we could either play an hour for free or just go home. We chose the latter. Not sure where the oversight/miscommunication was, but that shit sucks.

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