Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Checking in again, and double-duty this Friday

I've been neglecting to update this Blog as of late, and I'd like to apologize to my 2 or 3 faithful readers, heh.

Just because I ain't writing about it doesn't mean nothing is going on.

Health has been up and down, been more than 2 weeks since my better-safe-than-sorry ER visit. Have had good days and bad days. Friday felt like complete and utter shit all day prior to an ETB 9pm prime-time slot at the Saxon Pub. We had my good friend Ric Furley filling in for Rob, who was booked for the Street Light Suzie CD release party.

Felt like I was dragging ass, but we had an AMAZING show with Ric. No preparation other than a brief conversation pre-show to discuss the set list, and pretty much ended with, "Well, we'll just play whatever. You'll be fine!" And not only was Ric fine, he knocked the shit out of the PARK. It was an all covers set since we weren't able to get together with him beforehand to go over originals. No matter. It all felt new and fresh, and Ric absolutely killed it. Awesome!

After the show my energy level was back such that Trin and I went to Headhunters for a much needed-family reunion. Don't get to spend much time there anymore, but great to see so many people I used to see all the time. Too many to list, you know who you are. And if you dont remember, it means you had a good time \m/,

Saturday ETB played a private event in Boerne TX outside San Antonio. We played in a 100 year old school house which now served as a Unitarian Church. I gotta tell ya, if church gigs could ALWAYS be like that I'd do the church-player thing! Great fun and good times, crowd really dug it. Small intimate room that sounded great. Even had the hymn bulletin board on one side and a very very VERY weird rendering of Jesus on the other. Creepy even. I quipped to the crowd, "This next song is called 'Hymn #105'." Heh! By the closer (Voodoo Child) we had everyone on their feet dancing, revival-style. Hell yeah!

Sunday awoke feeling great despite the energy expenditure of the Boerne show. But then I went from great to utter shit in less than 10 minutes. That was weird. Could feel the color draining from my face as if the lifeforce was draining from my body. Had to cancel on Arcana Mundi practice and stay in bed. Fuck fuck fuck.

Monday awoke feeling better, but could felt I could easily go either way at any time. Arrived at Friends after a line a severe storms blew through and still felt iffy by set time. The show was pretty decent despite the thinner crowd due to rain, but still a good night tho.

Yesterday morning awoke feeling ready to take on the world with one arm tied behind my back. Awesome! Spent the day doing some rigorous and involved work on the Hobbit Hole in prep for more rain headed our way. That felt really, really good. I really hope this trend continues. I have a doctor appointment for next week Wednesday, which means I will be feeling fine by then most likely. But better safe than sorry.

Still have an enlarged lymph node on back of my neck which has receded quite a bit but still there. That, and feeling bad wouldnt be so bad if it was something I could put my finger on: body aches, stomach issues, headache, etc. But the whole "I don't know what is wrong other than I feel like total crap for no reason whatsoever" is very much a drag.

In other news I practice with Arcana Mundi in a few hours, and tomorrow is the 3rd and final rehearsal with Forever Town, whom I will be playing bass for at the Dirty Dog Friday night. There music has been a challenge to learn, albeit a very welcome one. I like challenges! A lot of subtle intricacies to their music, no way I can just bullshit my way through it. Which is good.

Plus, checking my bank records yesterday saw a $7.53 payout from ASCAP. Whoah!!! My very first mailbox money!!! Thank you direct deposit for making it very anti-climatic, heh. Guess I'll have to save a screen shot on my phone and print it out so I can hang it on the wall or something. Checking the ASCAP website it doesn't tell me what it was actually from, other than it was owed to me from January of last year. Fuck it, royalties!!!!

That, and ETB picked up the Friday 9pm slot again this week due to a cancellation. Sweet! Danny G double duty this friday!

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