Sunday, November 11, 2012

Cancellations. Decisions. Moving forward.

So the big Eric Tessmer Band show Threadgill's World HQ on Oct 26, which was the make-up date for Eric's Biblically rained-out birthday show back in August, was cancelled the afternoon of due to cold.

The first real cold snap of the season had descended the night before over Central TX and temps would be in the low 50's at set time. Statistically they tend to lose money when temps fall below 55 degrees. Just wished they would have discussed it with the band before pulling the plug.

Needless to say we were not happy. Another $100 on promotions and posters blown. Rent for November now gone. This would hurt ETB terribly as a band and as individuals. Fuck. But nothing we could do about it. Even tho Threadgill's has a fire pit and usually for the first cold snap people LIKE to go out as they finally got their winter coats out of the closet.

Incensed as we were, we didn't want to burn the bridge with them. Even tho we had good reason to do so. It felt reactionary at the time, but I'm glad we did it. We enlisted our fans to let Threadgill's know how THEY felt about this last-minute cancellation. Which they did, in droves. Felt good to know our fans were behind us and showed their support for us. So we'll see what happens with the aforementioned venue.

In other news, I have decided it is time to move on from Arcana Mundi as guitar player.

It has been fun and a good experience, but after almost a year I've realized that it is taking away too much time that I would like to spend focusing on Ocean of Stars. Tim was very understanding, and didn't seem too suprised either.

So it is all good with him n the band, and I will be honoring bookings through the rest of Novermber, save for the 16th benefit at the Elk's Lodge which I will be in Houston with ETB for.

As for Ocean of Stars, I have been talking to a bass player and she is very excited to be a part.

Will be getting together with her soon to start going over bass lines prior to bringing her in with a drummer. Don't want to make a formal announcement until it actually happens. Feels like the time is right and the planets are finally aligning for it to finally start coming together. It's only been 4 years that I've been wanting and trying to get this project underway.

Eric Tessmer Band will be gearing up for our 2nd round of live recording at the Saxon Pub on Friday Nov 23. Should be a great show, as weekend right after Thanksgiving is usually sold out there. Sweet!

Poster for Nov 23. Photo by Triniti Young, poster by yours truly.

We've been plowing forward best we can without a van or any other pieces in place save for ourselves, our merch seller, and an occasional publicist. Gigs in Houston and Dallas coming up. But a slow time of year is upon us as well.

Last Monday Friends residency turnout was not so bueno. We got called into Friends for Wednesday as well, which we jumped at. Better set, really good crowd. Friday at BD Riley's went very well as well. Ebb and flow to the crowd, but the people there had their asses handed to them on a plate. We were on fire and they loved us.

And we appreciate their appreciation.

Its a much better feeling to play to fewer people who absolutely love the music, than a larger crowd with a rather lukewarm reaction. Makes you feel like you're doing something wrong.

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