Wednesday, November 28, 2012

ETB Live Recording, etc etc etc

Busy weekend after a really good Thanksgiving holiday with my family and Triniti.

T and I bought a suitcase record player (Califone 1010AV) from a guy on craigslist en route, a very good purchase for $30! Spun records the whole time we were down there, believe we just started a new holiday tradition at my folks' place \m/,

Drove back to Austin Friday afternoon for the ETB live recording at Saxon Pub that evening. Can't wait to hear it, tho I must admit we felt slightly off. Didn't have the same magic as the first round, we hadn't play since Monday, and we also played some things we don't ordinarily play. Plus we were all probably still dopey from massive amounts of tryptophan...!

See how it sounds! Either way, we have plenty of material to choose from for the forthcoming live album!

Tho fighting a headcold and a hangover Saturday afternoon, T and I ventured to Cheapo Discs who we just found out will be closing end of the year. Well played, Mayans. Well played. Seems most of their good vinyl is gone but still found some good shit. Bumped into our friend Moses Blues as well, so that was cool.

Saturday night ETB played BD Riley's, was very crowded for the Notre Dame game. Don't really care about football but was cool being there and just vibing on the crowd. They were very happy about how it was going, and very loud. Was hurting my head at times, as I managed to contract a head cold.

Set went very well, felt more together than Saxon. Decent night all around.

Monday had practice with Shandon Sahm for our Thursday Sahm Covers Sahm set at the Continental Club. Line up still shuffling at time of practice but looks like Jim Ortiz of Amp Heat is available for guitar and we'll have a keyboard player too. Sweet! My ex-SGC bandmate Amber Lucille is on standby to fill in guitar for Jim if need be. We'll see who shows up at practice tonight, heh.

Looking forward to the show, we share the stage with Kathy Valentine's (ex-GoGo's) band The Bluebonnets. And looks like my old Mother Truckers bandmate Teal Collins' new project Whiskey Sisters is doing happy hour that night. If I didn't have an early set (and last show) with Arcana Mundi I'd like to make it early for that.

ETB monday residency at Friends was understandably slow, weekend after Thanksgiving and all. But we still played 2 great sets and rocked the faces of those in attendance.

Today getting shit done, should probably practice some of the Sahm Covers Sahm stuff, have bass strings that could be changed but don't need to right now.

Also need to re-attach the Dietz faceplate to my bass cab (people keep asking what it is), and look into modding my tremolo pedal to where I remove the depth knob (never use) and replace the rate knob with either a fixed resistor or trimpot (existing knob too touchy to be useful), and make that fucker switch-able. The trem pedal kicks ass as a solo boost as well, and if I can go from Trem to boost at the flick of a switch (and make it to where the trem rate doesn't change if you breathe on the rate knob) that would make my life much much easier.

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