Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 Retrospective

2012. Man this year came and went.

I've always felt that time seemed to run fast while on tour, which can feel like time-travelling. But this is the longest break I've had from music-related travel in a few years.

But anyway. This year has had it's ups and downs, but not as much as recent years.

This has been a pretty good year.

Even with this year being a long break from travel, the time home has been very well spent. Triniti and I moved into the Hobbit Hole in January. After being more or less uprooted since Nov 2009 during my separation, I and we finally have a home. Have lived with and stayed with some amazing people, but this is our space. And that's a really good feeling.

Did some cool shit. Recorded a session with J Yeunger from White Zombie, and got to record with Frenchie Smith. Wanted to play guitar more, so played gigs with Shandon Sahm, Thunderosa, an Ironclad reunion as well as many performances with Timothy Abbott & Arcana Mundi. And still busy playing bass full time with Eric Tessmer Band. Did a weekend of shows with JT Coldfire as well, very fun.

Did the RPM Challenge again this year, released a new solo album "Leap of Faith" as well as re-released "Ocean of Stars." ETB has busy locally and been getting good shows at the Saxon Pub and recorded a forth-coming live album there.

My birthday at Headhunters in September was an absolute blast! Feel so greatly blessed to have so many beautiful and talented musical friends and family in my life.

My thumb feels much better since being in a brace for a bit back in March. Still having forearm/elbow problems but working on remedying them. Had a very likely case of West Nile Virus over the summer. That kicked my ass. But in general I feel in good health, even if gaining a little weight. That or my jeans shrunk.

Dealt with some personal ups n downs, and seems a lot of friends have lost friends recently. But in general I feel good mentally as well.

So this wasn't too bad a year at all. I will gladly take more like it.

In the meantime, goals for next year: get Ocean of Stars up and running as a side-project. See what ETB has planned and plan accordingly, new album etc. Continue moving onwards and upwards and just make good music. Or as good of music as I can, heh.

Adios 2012

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