Monday, December 31, 2012

Weekend recap.

Quick recap of this weekend, 2012 retrospective coming in a bit.

Had a really good holiday vacation with my family. One of the longest visits I've had in a while and one of the longest breaks from gigging as well.

Was hoping a 10-day break from playing would help my elbows/forearms but no dice. But did figure out that using my cellphone while laying down isn't helping at all. Damn you, Angry Birds Star Wars. So at least I know that.

In the meantime saw Kymmie, the Chinese medicine doctor Triniti has been seeing. Did acupuncture and suggested some dietary changes. Turns out ingesting a lot of foods which cause inflammation. Also that I need to add certain oils as part of the problem is my tendons are drying out.

Jumped back into the saddle with 2 nights gigging, my hands and arms felt pretty good.

ETB Friday at Friends was pretty damn good for it being cold. Really good crowd, and we felt pretty in the pocket considering we hadn't played in a week and a half. Fun set.

I need to always pay attention to the little voice in my head as I'm setting up that asks how long has it been since I'd changed the batteries in my wireless unit... Sure enough was in the middle of Armadillo Strut and about to go outside for a ciggie (mid-song) when the batteries cut out. Had to go back onstage to plug in direct. Then wait for a part of the jam where I can run to my bass case for more batteries. Got them changed, but should have done that before we started, heh.

ETB Saturday at Saxon Pub was also a really good show. Really good crowd, Seth Walker had the placed packed during his set before us. Most of the crowd stayed.

We definitely bring a different energy to shows like the Saxon. We all know that this isn't a long set on 6th Street, this is a paying audience that knows they will hear great music at the Saxon Pub. So let's deliver.

And we still keep it loose, no setlist this time. Just played for 2 hours straight. Which almost feels short since I'm so used to 3+ hour nights. But mixed it up and did "Right Place, Wrong Time" which we hand't played in forever, ended with "Taildragger". "Are You Experienced" felt really god as well. Had a lot of good friends in attendance, and seems everyone left happy.

A really good weekend of playing music, very glad I am able to do what I do.

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