Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Holy shit. Just spent 4 days bedridden with the flu.

Missed 3 ETB gigs because of it. Almost made it through the 2.5 hour ETB Saxon Pub gig on Saturday.

Came on without warning Thursday evening. Had a bit of a cough most of the day which is no big deal. Getting ready for bed, went to turn off patio lights. Takes less than 10 seconds to go turn off power strip and get back inside. It was chilly but not too bad. But in those 10 seconds the chill cut straight to my bones and left me shivering inside for several minutes before I could regain use of my muscles enough to change into pajamas and burrow under the covers.

Fever. Not good.

And the body aches followed very shortly. Spent most of the first night with Roger Miller's "One Dying And A Burying" stuck in my head. Weird what your brain latches onto and plays on repeat at top volume during a fever.

Friday morning I knew there was no way I could get out of bed. Much less go pick up my van from the mechanic, get the inspection redone, drive to Houston to play a show, and drive back home that night. Eric and Rob were very understanding and were able to enlist Gian Ortiz as a last-second sub and vehicle. Glad they didn't have to cancel the show.

Saturday I knew that playing the Saxon gig would be a huge stretch, felt like complete ass. Fever subsided but major fatigue and body aches. Did what I could onstage that night, still had a really good show even tho I hit the wall. Thank God Eric's old bassist Allen Daniell was in attendance, and sat in the last 2 songs. By then I had already run out of gas 20 minutes previous. Sucks not getting through a set. Threw up in a trash can outside after my van was loaded. Rock n Roll, or something.

Sunday missed ETB going back to Houston for a live set on 94.5 The Buzz. Still felt absolutely Godawful and my headache was only worsening. Felt as if the individual bones of my skull were grinding against each other like tectonic plates. Getting out of bed again out of the question.

Monday missed ETB Friends residency. Could barely get out of bed, but finally started turning the corner that night. Progress. FINALLY.

Tuesday was feeling much improved save for the headache, which was still sending random sharp jabs of pain along faultlines in the sides of my head. Talking to our Chinese medicine doctor, she said it was probably caffeine withdrawal.

Which made sense. Had just spent 4 days bedridden and hardly eating anything, much less making coffee every morning. Well shit. So THATS what caffeine withdrawal feels like... Fuck.

Yesterday managed to venture to the ATM and the grocery store, which drained me. Still weak.

Today my energy level is still struggling to get back to normal, even with my appetite finally returning. This particular flu bug really beat the crap out of me.

Stay healthy, people!

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