Monday, June 3, 2013

Back to work.

Have enjoyed the much needed time off but now time to get back to work.

Have 5 rehearsals with 3 different bands each week for the next few weeks before heading out with Rock Hornyak for July. Deak Oak rehearses Monday and Friday evenings, Rick Hornyak on Tuesday and Wendesday afternoons, and Ocean of Stars on Wendesday evenings.

Today I finally got bass strings to replace the ones I ripped off Minnie Pearl at Saxon Pub on May 17 for my last ETB show. (Minnie Pearl is my 2000 USA P-Bass, in case you are just joining this blog...). About to start learning Rick Hornyak's music.

Also scheduling Ocean of Stars rehearsals, making a note to pick up my replacement HAAM earplugs on Friday (I think), and confirmed a voice lesson with the one and only LZ Love. Saw her briefly at the Deann Rene CD release party at One-2-One few weeks back. Was good to see her and she had some very good and encouraging things to say: "Your voice needs to be heard!"

She offered a voice lesson and I accepted! Nevermind that my own music is instrumental, heh, but I do sing backup and harmonies in most other bands I play in, so why not hone that. And should I decide to add vocals to my music, I'll be better equipped to do so.


Gotta go, have music to learn and not much time today to work on it. #busy

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    I hope your computer gets herpes, which then gives you herpes.