Thursday, June 27, 2013

Studio report, Gearing up to hit the road.

Wow. Long week. But a good week.

Spent about 3 days in the Dripping Springs studio with producer Chet Himes recording the Jason Patten album.

The studio:

Went great! The studio was beautiful and nestled in the Texas Hill Country, away from it all but also only 20 miles from Austin. The playbacks sounded great, and Chet is awesome to work with. Didn't even need my SVT, as he had this SVT pre-amp in box that sounded pretty damn good in playback. While tracking it helped my playing immensely, as thru headphones the bass sounded very clacky, forcing me to pay close attention to my attack. On playback was smooth as butter!

Very proud of my playing on this record, feels good to be creative and challenged musically, plus working against a deadline always makes me step up my game.

Was great working with guitarist Ulrich Ellison and drummer Derek Hensley. We all sounded and played very well together.

Chet and Ulrich listening to playbacks

Derek Hensley

While my SVT did not make an appearance on this album, my Marshall JCM800 did \m/, In trying out amps for Jason's guitar tracks I happened to have my guitar rig in the van anyway, so we wheeled it in. BAM. There was the tone right there. Loves letting people use my gear, I like hearing the way it sounds!

Will keep y'all posted on what happens with the album and post more pics as I get them.

In the meantime I have today and tomorrow to prep for being gone for all of July playing with Rick Hornyak. Trying to prioritize what needs to be done around the house, what I need to bring, and still spend as much quality time with Triniti as possible.

Even tho writing is important and I don't update this blog nearly as much as I'd like to, my Virgo brain is going back and forth on whether this is the best use of my time right now. Dammit. No rest for the weary.

Dammit I gotta go. But need to mention got in one last Ocean of Stars rehearsal last night before reconvening in August. It went very well, really digging the way this band is coming together \m/,

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