Thursday, October 3, 2013

A Spike in Traffic, 6 strings vs 4 strings, Busy, Inner Voice and Ocean of Stars

Wow, I don't know what the hell I did differently, but the page views for my last post are currently over 530...!?!

Usually its around 500 less than that, as I don't advertise this thing much.

Especially after my Adsense account got pulled due to my GF at the time "trying to help" by clicking on the ads, heh. Guess I need to finally look into other platforms for that, as if this traffic keeps up I might be able to supplement my income via this blog, which would be amazing. Financially, I need all the help I can get...

October is picking up, and that is good.

Been playing more guitar lately, more than I have in years probably, and that is VERY good. Have done two shows with good friend and ex-SGC bandmate Amber Lucille, which were fun and reminded me how out of shape I am on a 6-string. My fret fingertips hurt for a day and a half after both shows.

But all this week I've been hitting the Vine House music hard in prep for the two rapidly approaching Sunday rehearsals and a gig at Logan's on 6th Street on Thursday Oct 17. God damn it feels great to play guitar. Three days in and I can already feel my hands getting back in shape. Feels good to get my chops back. Can't wait to see how I do on my own damn music when Ocean of Stars rehearsals resume \m/,

Haven't run over it today yet, I was up til 6:30am due to insomnia and a heavy mind. Financial worries, decompressing still from the breakup, etc.

Dead Oak rehearsals are resuming tonight at 7pm, I've already tried to take one nap today after waking up around 11:30. No dice. May try again here pretty soon after finally having breakfast at 4pm...

But my mental state is faring much better today, as gigs that were falling thru are falling right back into place, other gigs are coming my way, and gigs that have been on the books are still happening (so far). Also just picked up another BD Riley's bass gig this Saturday with my former full time project Eric Tessmer Band, that will be a blast, as was the one two weeks ago \m/,

So yeah, October is shaping up to be a pretty damn good month.

Maybe I won't need a SNAP card for food assistance now, especially after I finally applied just in time for the Govt Shutdown! Gee thanks, you fucking self-serving assholes.

Anyway. In other news, I have a bass player I will be trying out for Ocean of Stars. Don't want to reveal any details because I don't like talking about things only for them to fall through, making me look like a jackass.

But I will say, this individual has the right energy for the project, and digs the music.

And having the right kind of energy for this project is very important, while the Ocean of Stars music is loud and heavy more often than not, the overall energy of it is very Yin (passive/feminine/negative pole of the battery) as opposed to Yang (active/male/positive pole of the battery).

And having the right mix of energy is very important, and to be honest I couldn't really tell you why. I always follow my inner voice/heart/gut instincts when I feel them telling me something important. My inner voice has been telling me that the OoS bass position has to have the right energy, and should be a woman. Earth mother energy? I don't know. My inner voice speaks, I listen and act accordingly.

Unless my inner voice is telling me to do something obviously stupid, which hasn't happened so far... at least I dont think!

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