Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Tiger Balm, No Rest For The Weary

So was posting yesterday about my hands being blown, trying to take it easy on them to not injure myself.

Last night went to see Eric Tessmber Band at their Friends Monday residency. Maryann from Rochester NY, very good friend of the band, was in town visiting and would be at the show.

So as a birthday present to her, I sat in for two songs. A cover of "Shot Down" and the original "Blues Bullets".

 Eric and Maryann, photo courtesy yours truly

I didn't think to bring my own bass, as tho Gian's 60's Gibson SG bass feels nothing whatsoever like my P-Basses (short scale as opposed to long scale, flatwounds as opposed to roundwound strings, he slings his high whereas I wear mine loin-cloth low) it's still an awesome bass to play, and it's always cool doing my thing with someone else's rig and tone.

Not only does he sling his bass high, but apparently I am also a few inches taller than him as well.

My hands and arms were feeling great all day. I figured two songs would be fine.


Both songs are very involved and played fast and hard. I can't play bass slung high or sitting down due to the angles for my arms/hands being all wrong. So I was using all the right muscles in all the wrong ways. Hard.

By the end of "Shot Down" I was kinda hurting. I paused to lengthen Gian's bass strap as low as it would go, which helped a little but not really.

"Blues Bullets" did me in. OUCH.

Now I was concerned. Luckily have no gigs this weekend thusfar, but do have a week of learning music on guitar, and practicing said music on guitar. Plus, tonight is the Ortiz Bros Blues Jam at Legendary White Swan, hosted by Gian and his brothers' other band Amplified Heat.

Last week it didn't happen due to a scheduling conflict. Tonight it is. I want to play, guitar and bass.

However now I am concerned over the shape of my hands/forearms. Well, their shape is the same, they just hurt and are very tired and quite angry at me.

During ETB's second set, Eric asked if I wanted to get up and play some more. I had to decline. I had already been using my glass of ice water and my cold Lonestar as an ice pack, and playing any more would only injure myself for sure.

So when I got home, of course gobbled more Ibuprofin like candy. Getting ready for bed, I spotted my little jar of Tiger Balm on the nightstand.

FUCK!!! How could I have forgotten about Tiger Balm?!?

I could have used some after getting home Saturday night, applied more Sunday morning, more on Sunday afternoon, and more Monday morning...

Back over Christmas when my tennis elbow was acting up something fierce, Tiger Balm was the only thing that improved it almost immediately. Well shit...

See how I feel today, I'll be mainly charting out arrangements for the rest of the Vine House music today as opposed to playing and rehearsing it. Hope my situation improves by tonight. Because I really WANT TO PLAY at the jam...

Not only that, but I have a very busy month ahead. No rest for the weary:

Tomorrow I will be meeting up with the prospecting Ocean of Stars bassist. Thursday have rehearsal with Dead Oak. And in between now and Sunday afternoon when VH rehearsal scheduled, have another 10-12 songs to learn and practice for Vine House, in addition to the 10-12 I have already learned.

Then, next week will be spent mastering the VH music for a Thursday Oct 17 gig. As well as refreshing the Rick Hornyak music on bass for two gigs in Rockport TX that weekend, the 18th/19th.

Week after that will be spent learning/refreshing music and a rehearsal on bass with Adrian and the Sickness for gig in Houston on the 26th. In between I will be learning and refreshing music and having rehearsal last week of October on bass with Thuderosa for a three-date/three-state run October 31st-Nov 2nd.

And there will be Dead Oak and Ocean of Stars rehearsals during this entire time as well.

Hence my concern over my hands and forearms.

If I injure myself, I cannot play.

If I cannot play, I cannot pay my bills...

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