Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 Retrospective

Wow, what a year. Not even sure where to begin.

So here is a bunch of noteworthy events and accomplishments, in no particular order.

There was a huge sea change in my professional and personal life, with resulting tremendous ups and downs, as I moved on from Eric Tessmer Band and ended a relationship, both of which started around the same time and ended the same time. Weird parallel there.

Was voted #5 Bassist for the Austin Music Awards in March. That was definitely a high point.

Did not complete the RPM Challenge this year as February was so busy for me. And didn't even come close either. Only the second time that's happened in the 5 years I've participated.

I have no idea how many shows I played, but it was a lot. But I was able to count the number of bands I performed with this year, which was 15. That has to be a record for me, listed as follows:

Eric Tessmer Band
Shandon Sahm
Forever Town
Adrian and the Sickness
Rick Hornyak
Planet Casper
Diesel and Dixie
Amber Lucille and the Selfless Cover Band
Aaron Navarro
Vine House
Shannon Lee Nelson
Skyline Drive
Sean Evan and His Very Handsome Band
Deann Rene

I was able to finally put together a line-up for Ocean of Stars, which I have been trying to do for the last 4-5 years. THAT is a huge accomplishment. Have almost scrapped the idea repeatedly over the years out of frustration. Glad I stuck to my guns.

I got to jam improv with the legendary Greg Ginn (Black Flag) for 90 minutes with his drummer, and from a Craigslist ad no less. That was awesome.

Despite still not having a full-time project I am able to still keep myself in business and pay my bills and support myself and my lil dog. THAT is a huge accomplishment as well. September was the leanest month money-wise in the last 5 years. I made it through tho.

I played a lot of great music with a lot of great people. Recorded the Patten album with legendary producer Chet Himes, have yet to hear it but I was very proud of my playing on it.

Got to do another last minute one-song session with Dead Oak, and work with J Yeunger again. That was a pleasant surprise.

Went to a lot of towns in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania that I'd never heard of with Rick Hornyak. Got to go to New Orleans again with Forever Town.

Had a typically negative experience during SXSW, but that is no surprise and not exactly an accomplishment. Just happened.

Trying to think of other things that have happened but as my head currently feels like a cinderblock, I am drawing a blank.

So this is me signing off for 2013.

My resolutions are much the same as every year:  (1) Kick Ass, and (2) Not Die.

Take care of yourselves, and each other. Follow your heart. Love more, live more and see more live bands.

Danny G
11:06pm CDT
Dec 31, 2013

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