Friday, December 27, 2013

However, this was a cool night:

So Sunday Dec 22 I had the second of two shows with Sean Evans and his Very Handsome Band on bass for that weekend.

Played the Dizzy Rooster on 6th Street, covers, but fuck it.

I like those guys, had fun playing, and made some money. While I would not like to play full time in a cover band, I am not opposed to it here and there, as being out and playing and making some money (and learning new songs which may have things that I can apply musically to my own playing) is always preferable than sitting home not playing and not making money.

So it was a fun night, tho the Parking Gods were not very favorable on a Sunday which was weird, drove around for 15+ minutes just trying to find a goddamn spot. WTH?!?

But got out early enough that I could catch ETB at the Saxon Pub, practically on the way home.

Rolled in, and the door guy let me in for free. Sweet! Grab a Lonestar tallboy at the bar, which turned out to be the only drink I actually paid for the rest of the night. Sweet!

ETB already onstage. I take a seat, Eric sees me from the stage and points me out to everyone. Which garners a round of applause. HA! Awesome :) Eric commented over the mic: "Damn dude, you just walk in here and get cheered!" Heh!

Was a good night, lots of good friends in the crowd, hence all the free drinks hahaha.

Then, thankfully before I was too drunk to do so, I was asked to sit in. Awesome! And since I had just come from a gig I had my bass in the van and was already tuned to E flat as well as warmed up. Sweet!

Played "White Room" by Cream and the original instrumental "Three-Four" and just destroyed the place. Holy shit that was fun! Always good to play with Eric n Rob. But also cool seeing Gian up there with them as well, as our styles draw from similar roots but are apples and oranges in their execution.

It's cool seeing Gian play with ETB, because he plays the songs his way. And I wouldn't want him to try to play my parts or play like me, as that would be a disservice to his own unique style. And also it's cool to hear a totally different interpretation of what the bass can do for songs that I've been playing for years.

We're all musically family, and one of the things I love about Austin is the vast amount of mutual respect between the players.

That was a good night!

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