Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Belated 2014 Year In Review

Shit. Almost halfway through January.

Here it is, 2014 Year In Review.

It was a busy year (mostly). 2014 was a hard year, but it wasn't a bad year. Looking forward to what 2015 will have to offer.

Here is a list of all gigs/projects/albums I was involved in 2014:

Eric Tessmer Band:   14
Thunderosa:   15
Amber Lucille Band:   4
Sean Evan & The Very Handsome Band:   23
Sean Evan (duo):  2
Deann Rene Band:   16
Adrian (and the Sickness):   35
Forever Town:   6
Ocean of Stars:   5
Rick Hornyak (duo):   3
CIZE:   1
Andy MacIntyre:   1
Heather Bishop Band:   4
Hooka Hey:   3
100 Miles Gone:   6
Ulrich Ellison and Tribe:   4
Bleu Edmondson Band:   3
Love Mound/Big Mean:   1

Total # gigs:  146
Total # projects:   18

States visted: 19 (including TX)

Albums I appeared on:

Danny G 'Automatic Writing' (guitar/bass/drums/engineer)
Sean Evan & VHB 'All Things Considered' (half of bass tracks)
Taking Back Thaxton album session (bass)
Ocean of Stars EP (guitar/engineer)
Adrian and the Sickness acoustic album (bass on one track)

Not too shabby!

2014 Highlights:

-- Finally debuting Ocean of Stars live during SXSW, playing the Red Eyed Fly Tuesday Kickoff Party, and landing an official SXSW Showcase set for the Small Stone Records showcase

-- The Adrian and the Sickness West Coast Tour was amazing and such a blast. Visiting Sedona AZ. Opening for Brody Dalle at Slims in SF. Opening for Zepparella in Portland and Seattle. Amazing shows, such a great time with Adrian and Armando, so many tour tacos! Opening for Zepparella here in Austin was bad ass as well!

-- Was an honor to play with Ulrich filling in for his wife Sabine who was dealing with some health issues at the time.

-- Doing another album session with the legendary Chet Himes out at The Ranch

-- Several fun runs with Thunderosa

Wow. What a year. I had some major major lows in my personal life, but also have many things to be thankful about. Hence 2014 being a hard year, but not a bad year.

Again, looking forward to what 2015 has to offer.

About this time (mid January) marks 15 years since moving to Austin from Corpus Christi TX to pursue a career in music. And mission accomplished! Probably THE best life decision I have ever made.

And what exactly does 2015 have in store?

Booking for Ocean of Stars is picking up! We rehearse tonight in prep for next week Friday (23rd) at the Triple Crown in San Marcos TX opening for Chasca, and Saturday (24th) performing live on the Dave TV show! Playing with Thunderosa later that night. OoS also booking for Feb and March, details to come.

Have already done 2 shows with Eric Tessmer Band and one with Deann Rene Band.

Bleu Edmondson Band rehearsal Thursday in prep for shows in OK and Houston this weekend.

Busy busy busy! 2015, bring it on!

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