Sunday, January 25, 2015

Ocean of Stars on the Dave TV show!

Very successful weekend for Ocean of Stars!

Friday Jan 23 at the Triple Crown went great! Played a strong set to a very receptive crowd. Audience feedback was glowing. Awesome!

Stage set up at the Crown:

Also great sets by The Red Direct and the mighty Chasca! Awesome night all around. Mission accomplished.

Saturday was the Dave TV live appearance and then I shipped off for San Antonio with Thunderosa.

Dave TV is a long time veteran and champion of the underground Austin music community. I've known him since the Southern Gun Culture days in the very early 00's. So for him to be back on the air (he's been doing public access music shows since at least the 90's) and for us to be on the show is a big deal and a huge honor, respectively.

Setting up:

Photos by Heather Bishop. Derek Rodrigues

Melanie Martinez

Ric Furley

Our set went pretty well! Check it out here:

Derek, Dave TV, Melanie, yours truly, Nathan Olivarez, Ric. Photo by Heather Bishop

Awesome! Thank you Dave TV! Great to have you back on air!

Thunderosa in San Antonio at Boozehounds was a fun night. We were pulling an all-nighter, and the crowd can vary.

There was already a good crowd, so the challenge was now keeping them haha. We did great. AJ kept the crowd involved and riled up. Did lots of jamming, which was a blast. The we'd launch into a song we actually knew and BOOM haha. Good times.

A good weekend overall.

And I cannot adequately put into words how stoked and excited I am about Ocean of Stars.

It's been a long process putting it together, with its many false starts and my constant misgivings about how well it would go over, if I ever even got it off the ground. The feedback we've been gotten from the recent shows has been overwhelmingly positive, and that we should keep it up.

Awesome! :)

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