Tuesday, August 18, 2015

OK, I think I'm back

So my laptop has been fritzy, but my friend Stan (you may remember from previous posts, did an album with him, Josh from Mother Truckers and Trinidad from Dixie Witch) just came by this evening and not sure what he did but laptop seems to be working fine now.

Certainly much has been going on. The Ocean of Stars EP release party happened, and The Ripple Effect just gave it a glowing review! Awesome.

The Bleu Edmondson summer tour was a blast.

Going out for two weeks in September with Adrian Conner in support of her new acoustic album 'Hush', just had the first of two rehearsals last night. Sounded great! Fun to play with Adrian and Armando again. After doing some work on the Hobbit Hole today I learned the mandolin part for a Led Zep cover we will be doing, so this tour may mark my debut as a mandolin player (for a song or two haha).

Have a Thursday show with Deann Rene Band, and Bleu Edmondson's schedule resumes this weekend after some time off.

My SVT is in the shop (running fine save for the persistent microphonic squeal) and my JCM800 just cut out on me last weekend. Hoping its a tube issue and nothing serious. Well my shit was working good for awhile at least haha ugh.

SO yes. I will get back into the habit of updating this blog, as the people I know who follow it really seem to like it.

Hopefully more posts to come!!!

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