Monday, October 5, 2015

General update

Hey all, just checking in. Certainly much going on, just haven't felt the motivation to write. Need to change that.

The Adrian HUSH tour was a blast, will try to get on a recap of that STAT.

Played with Bleu Edmondson last Saturday at Western Days in Lewisville TX (DFW), the last gig with Tony Valdez on bass. Great guy, great player, he will be missed. To make it a blowout we wound up blowing the power 3/4 of way through set and my Marshall blew out during "Finger On The Trigger."

Here's some video. My amp was sounding awesome, even using my bass pedalboard because I forgot to load my guitar one. Duh.

It's already gone through the shop at Austin Vintage Guitars. Thank you Jesse for fixing the faulty ohm tap switch and the newly blown filter cap \m/,

The Adrian Conner homecoming show at Continental Club was a blast, great show and great crowd even tho it was late on a Tuesday night! Barfield "The Tyrant of Funk" kicked things off right and got the party started.

Good to see these two, the one and only Jen Leigh (awesome guitarist, check out her band) and the incomparable Dale the Super Fan!

Photo by our good friend Kathy, yes I am playing mandolin \m/,

Video of "So Bored" by our good friend Kathy:

Have Dead Oak rehearsal this evening. Played with Taking Back Thaxton at Blue Moon this past Tuesday. Derek Hensley's (drums) parents and sister were in town. They are awesome. Some guy kept getting up and dancing towards the crowd as if he was the frontman right in front of Jason Patten (guitar/vox). It was really really weird. Funny, but weird.

Had a full week of music in general all last week since getting back in town from the Adrian tour that Monday.

My friend Steve Janiak from Indianapolis was in town, haven't seen him since Devil To Pay and Southern Gun Culture did some shows together in 2003/4. But we've kept in touch online.

He contacted me a few months back as his other band Apostle of Solitude was booking a tour and looking to come through Austin on Tues Sept 22. I suggested the Lost Well for a venue. They hooked up a show with Project Armageddon from Houston and landed a date for Monday Sept 21 instead.

So instead of staying home and resting from an awesome but grueling 12 days on the road, I went to see a friend I hadn't seen in 11 or 12 years \m/, And Apostle of Solitude was really fucking good too! Good to see Steve, and Project Armageddon was really nice. Did some much-needed networking for Ocean of Stars, which I've really been slacking on...

Wednesday I went to ABGB to catch Scorpio Rising, haven't seen them since Armando from Adrian's band took over on drums. Fun as always and Armando kicked ass! Also used my presence there as an excuse to talk to Paul Minor about booking and give him an OoS EP ;)

Wonderbred of Scorpio Rising

Thursday had Taking Back Thaxton rehearsal in prep for the aforementioned show/family reunion.

Friday I actually stayed home haha!

Saturday the Bleu show was at 2pm, and we were home by 7:30. Checking Facebook saw that all kinds of shows were going on. Almost went to Way Past Yonder (old friends/bandmates from SGC days) at Badlands (need to talk to them re: return dates for OoS), but instead went to Eric Tessmer Band at Saxon Pub. Was closer to my house, they usually let me in for free, and I need to talk booking with them as well.

Had I scrolled down a little farther on FB I would have also seen that this was the last weekend for a really good but short-lived venue called Holy Mountain, and Eagle Claw and Tia Carerra were playing. THAT would have been a great OoS networking opportunity as well as huge musical family reunion.

However, I went to Saxon and had a blast. Always good to see Eric, Rob and Gian, plus all the old friends in the crowd. Sat in on "White Room." Good times! Who I thought was the booking agent wasn't there, but no big deal. Have already acquired that information and a contact email.

"Borrowing" Gian's vintage SG bass:

As if you couldn't tell, I am starting an Ocean of Stars booking blitz, as we need some gigs on the books. Our EP isn't going to sell itself (tho that would be AWESOME if it did haha) and gigs aren't always going to magically fall in my lap.

And I will post the Ripple Effect review here soon. Let's just say it was glowing, and I owe Swedebeast a lifetime of free beers/shots at the bar for calling the Ocean of Stars EP "Otherworldly and magical, a mind-blowing musical journey."


There is much work to do.

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