Monday, September 6, 2010

The Adrian and the Sickness full band rehearsal went awesome!

Felt good, pretty tight considering the lack of time to prep. Fun as hell to jam with Adrian and Furley. Attempted a lot of the backing vocals and they sounded pretty good. Can't wait til the 21st!

Had a good weekend in Corpus with family and friends. Glad I took time to do that before heading to Europe.

Speaking of which, today is the mad dash to TCB before I play with ETB tonight at Friends. Running errands, packing, doing what I need to do around the house and around town. Sucks that it is a holiday so will have to hit the bank tomorrow before heading to the airport. Hope Academy or some equivalent clothing/etc store will be open, need socks and boxers. Yeah, livin the dream \m/,

Guess I should start researching Germany and Denmark online today if I have time.

Either way, not sure what my internet access will be like next 2 weeks so not sure how much updating I will get to do.

See you across the pond!

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