Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Woke up yesterday feeling like something was about to happen, more a sense of foreboding than of excitement.

Turns out my gut was right. May be facing some tough career decisions, and whether those decisions will be made by me or by others remains to be seen. It's all good and will be all good. Just being in limbo the next few days will be tough. It's not the *not knowing* part of it, it's the fact that I can't really act right now.

Nothing I can do except sit tight, see what happens, and decide on the next course of action from there.

Friday at Maggie Mae's with ETB was pretty goddam epic! Our first Friday downstairs, played after the mighty Allen Haynes who already had a great crowd for an early set.

Lot going on that weekend: UT game, Pecan Street Festival, etc. Place was packed and STAYED packed all night. Awesome! Got up and played for almost 4 hours straight, no break. Didn't want to lose any of the energy or any of the crowd. Played til close and felt understandably spent. Great effing night tho! Made a very nice chunk of change that night between the guarantee, tips and the cut of bar sales.

ETB Saturday in San Angelo at the Steel Penny was a bit of a mixed bag. Hot as all hell when we first got into the van in Jonestown, then drove thru a cool front and the fact that Boss Hoss has a rather questionable A/C system became moot. Stopped at Cooper's BBQ in Llano again, glad we did cause it was great. Wasn't pouring down rain when we loaded in like last time, that was nice. Hotels provided by venue so we had a place to chill after soundcheck and didn't have to drive 3.5 hours home in the middle of the night.

Sets were good, crowd was decent. Eric and I went offstage for the crowdwalk, and didn't even make it to the bar before shots started appearing. Was on my second beer by then, but after 4 shots of Jager and whiskey (wasn't going to be rude and turn them down, heh!) went back onstage drunk. Another shot of Kamikaze something or other waiting for me as well. Then more shots. Just, wow. I remember having fun but really having to focus (if that was physically possible, think I pulled it off). Forgot we went to eat after the show til I saw Richard's Whataburger bag next morning. Only feeling of a hangover after such rampant (and mixed) alcohol consumption was a bit of a headache. Not sure if I should be worried or proud... Made a good chunk of change on this one too.

Good feeling to work 2 days and make rent.

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