Thursday, September 2, 2010

The sit-down jam with Adrian Conner went great yesterday, going over the Adrian and the Sickness music for the Sept 21 HAAM benefit.

Full band rehearsal tonight with Ric Furley on drums, can't wait! This is gonna be awesome. Been a fan of AatS since Adrian and Velvet Brick shared a bill in Dallas prolly 5 years ago. Was walking to grab my beer off a nearby table when something went barreling past me. It was Adrian, running full speed around the bar while soloing. She then slid on her knees (and falling over sideways) into Jason and D2 (VB guitarists). Without missing a note she got back up and ran full speed back to the stage. It is still one of the coolest things I've ever seen \m/,

So yes, very exited about the rehearsal tonight and gig in a few weeks!

And finally getting excited about Europe next week, have barely had time to think about it. But been calling my credit card, bank and phone company, giving a travel heads up and seeing if my phone will even work across the pond (it wont). Trying to TCB as much as I can now, going down to Corupus Christi this weekend to see my family.

Last night ETB @ Maggie Mae's was a mixed bag. Crowd was horrible most of the night tho it did pack out for a bit, then mainly stragglers rest of the night. Good for them sticking around, I thought we played awesome!!! heh. Wish we would have had tape running for most of second set. Tho I was dead tired by then, some of the tunes like "Green Diamond II" and "Little Wing" just felt great, and "Voodoo Child" blew the doors off. Good times.

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