Monday, April 4, 2011

Busy busy busy.

Played 6 nights in a row with ETB the week after SXSW. Played 5 shows last week and had a studio session with my good friend Tim Abbott, who is tracking some solo stuff. As a result the nail on my right index finger is peeling back from the skin. Ouch. Hazards of the industry, heh.

I love my job. Tim doing some tracking at a nice little home studio out in Lakeway run by a cool guy named Tom. Insisted I run direct into a pricey tube preamp in lieu of my rig. I hate running direct, but his tube pre was really really nice and it saved me from carrying twice my weight in bass gear up a flight of stairs, and then back down. So there ya go. Busted out 4 songs, with minimal prep time on my end (was very busy, and demo CD was pretty bare-boned, hard to write basslines without a drum track). I was a little concerned walking into the session. But took notes for chord changes and just let it flow for the rest. Tim was very pleased \m/,

ETB had a fill-in drummer last weekend as Rob was busy Friday and Saturday night with prior engagements. Had a kid named Adrian whom our good friend Dave Scheer recommended. We trust his judgement, and sure enough Adrian did great! Was able to jump into the covers, and had obviously listened to the CD Eric gave him several times. That was awesome. Def keep his name on the list should Rob be busy again in the future.

Have also bumped into Michael McDaniel several times downtown since he resigned his post from ETB. Always amicable, always friendly. Which is great cause Michael is a great guy and we will continue to cross paths. Tim Abbott mentioned wanting to work with a horn player and keys player for future recordings, told him I know a guy and will get him Michael's contact info. Be cool to do some sessions with him, brilliant fucking musician. Best of luck to his new solo efforts as well.

Tonight ETB @ Friends, Wed @ Speakeasy, then Friday at the Salt Lick. Slow week, heh! May do another session with Tim this week/weekend. Also talked to Stanley Mann about another session. The stuff we did with Josh Zee and Trinidad Leal came out pretty fucking stellar, the loud rock really complimenting Stan's clever quirkiness. Hopefully we can arrange something before May, as I get hella busy with ETB from then on out.

Have also had little if any time to look over the contract with Magnetic Eye Recordings. Just busy as hell, but sent Mike a msg today saying I'd try to get back to him about it mid/late week. He said no problemo and no worries, take your time. Looking forward to working with me, and asked what size shirt I wear so he can send me a Magnetic Eye Recordings t-shirt. Awesome!

I love making good music with good people.

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