Monday, April 11, 2011

Going to be a busy week.

Going to HAAM today to renew for another year. Yay medical coverage. Photo shoot for ETB at 4pm, then residency gig tonight at Friends.

Over the weekend had a 6-hour ETB band rehearsal. First actual band practice with Rob as well as being a three-piece. Felt really good tho was like a Louisiana bayou in Hyde Park Showdown's practice room, which they allowed us to commandeer for the afternoon. Tightened up some existing stuff and worked on some new.

We will be squeezing in ETB rehearsals whenever possible for the coming week. We have been chosen to be part of a Samsung promotion for the new Sidekick phones. Will relay details when I find out if I am allowed to even talk about it. Could be pretty huge. bring it on.

Yesterday spent the day with Eric and our photographer friend Cameron at his place shooting pics of our guitars for an in-the-works ETB phone app. Pics look great and app idea is sheer genius. Will also relay details when I get them. Did I mention the pics look great? Total gear erotica. Our guitars are beautiful in all their beat-to-shit glory. And with these pics (had guitars hanging from ceiling by fishing line) you can see every nick/chip/ding/gouge/scar/jager spill on them. Front, back, top, bottom views. They look like catalog photos or something in the centerfold of Guitar World Magazine. Nice!!!

Gotta run.

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