Wednesday, April 20, 2011

SO much going on.

Yesterday ETB did a Samsung promotional training/contest thing for the launch of the new Sidekick 4G phone. Played a few songs for some Samsung reps, who filmed it on the new phones, the vids of which will be posted online for voting. If we win could be huge. Will post a link when I get one. Pretty cool, we got free phones as well! Awesome.

In gear news, saw another beat to shit Dietz 2x15 on Craigslist. I couldn't afford to buy it myself, so Eric bought it to harvest the EV's from it for his Vibroking. Then he sold me the enclosure $100. Which I then put some Eminence Delta 15's courtesy of Austin Vintage Guitars into it. Haven't fully tried it out yet, was going to tonight at our residency gig at Speakeasy but Rob threw his back out after our ETB business meeting this afternoon. He's improving, but I will not be trying out new gear at Antone's tomorrow...! So will just use my custom cab or the house Dietz tomorrow, we play with Damesviolet.

Our manager Stephen flew out from Chicago for the Samsung thing yesterday and had a meeting with us today. Got the India dates for next month, the first leg of summer US/Canada tour are just about solidified and the second leg dates are falling into place nicely. Sweet. Good to be busy, good to be traveling, good to be WORKING. Dates are up at my Facebook page.

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