Monday, December 12, 2011

Amazing last coupla days.

Lots going on, lots to tell. But need to keep it brief.

Thursday ETB played Hotel Vegas on the East Side, 1500 E 6th Street. This whole area has been revitalized in that last few years. Cool little place. Small but great sounding room, full PA, friendly staff. Def a Red River feel to the place inside and out back in the patio. Not a huge crowd but not bad either for our first time playing there. Def check it out, just opened earlier this month.

Friday ETB headed to Dallas to play some place called The Den in Uptown. Drive uneventful save for our mandatory visit to the Czech Stop north of Waco. If you haven't been there, GO. NOW. Amazing kolaches in that place.

Gig was OK, def not our crowd. But the people that dug us were very appreciative. Rob debuted his new 60's Ludwig kit, and he was very very happy. Night could have gotten a little weird at one point. Noticed a young guy who had already drank himself retarded by the time we got there. We started, and we could tell he was harmless (well, non-violent drunk) but he was def going to knock something over. Sure enough, three songs in he decides he needs to tell Rob something, so steps onto the small stage. He didn't make it past me.

I was watching him, stiff armed him dead in the chest and pushed him backwards a little to let him know this was not acceptable behavior, and this was his one warning shot across the bow. Sometimes you have to go Dog Whisperer on drunks, if they are the good-natured kind at least. His body language beforehand suggested he was not going to take a swing at me. Anyway, he got the message. Stopped in his tracks, about-faced with his last forward step frozen in the air. He took a step the other way, and stumbled into Eric's mic. Then he scurried off to the back fast as his drunk feet would carry him.

This was all mid song. The audience, my bandmates, and our group of friends in tow all endorsed my reaction to the situation. End of the night I had to kick another drunk girl off stage who tried to get on Eric's mic. Again, mid-song.

PEOPLE: Either lay off the fucking sauce in public, or go see the band OXBOW. If you wander onstage, you are considered a threat to the band and will be quickly and harshly dealt with via their singer who is an MMA black belt. It is in their contract rider if you don't believe me.

That being said. Good night in general. We hit the Czech Stop on the way back, as they are open 24 hours. Yum.

Saturday was Tim and Tracey's party out here in Apache Shores. Lots of friends, lots of musicians and bands. Singer Deann Renee thought she was going to play solo, but with so many players she soon had an "Instant Band" of seasoned fill-ins. I was getting admittedly a little anxious about LZ Love's set, I have not played a gig as a guitar player since Ocean of Stars set June 2010. But by the time we went on, we too had a six to seven piece band. It was AWESOME! Went from me trying to remember all the songs myself to teaching them to others on the fly. And it sounded fucking bad ass. My only bummer was that had I known there'd be bass and keys too I'd have had more guitar solos ready, heh! But hopefully will open the door to more fill-in work with LZ. That would be amazing.

And finally Sunday.

At the party Triniti and I met an older couple (older than us, not like 90 year olds or anything), who invited us to a house concert thrown by Darren Applet (?sp). We happened to be in town and decided to swing by. Not knowing if it was a jam or a concert at first I brought a guitar and bass but wisely left them in the van at first. It was a concert, and saved me some embarrassment, heh!

The Country Penguins were playing, VERY good rootsy/americana/country. Great songwriting, great musicianship, great singers. Many moved to tears. And this was all taking place in a living room on a Sunday afternoon. Loves my life. The couple, Brad and Renee invited us to their place for an "after party." Was great, we gathered in Brads intimate music room for jamming, singing, laughing and good vibes. All of the Country Penguins filed in as well, so the jamming got kicked up another notch. Such an amazing night/weekend of music in Austin TX.

Felt so good to play guitar, this is the most I have played since RPM Challenge time back in February. And I intend to get more pickup gigs as an axeman and get Ocean of Stars up and running as a side project. One of my goals for next year.

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