Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Fuck. Another time warp.

I am in business mode so must keep this brief.

Have 17 songs to learn by Saturday. I will be playing guitar with the incomparable LZ Love here at Tim and Tracey's party on Saturday. Stripped down version. Her, a percussion player, and me. Bring it on. A challenge because there is no bass player. An added advantage that if I mess up no one will be playing the wrong part, heh!

Yesterday was very very long. Woke early with a troubled mind. In better shape before noon before heading into town. ETB songwriting session. Another solid idea in the can. Then to a band business meeting. Met with our publicist Suzanne Penley who has added an entertainment lawyer/song placement contact and a booking agent to her team of operatives. In conjunction with Stephen Marks as manager (and other duties) feels like we have all the pieces in place to have a big year in 2012. Europe in April (Holland gig already booked), Houston at Continental Club with our brothers Amplified Heat. Designing a poster by tomorrow night. Other things but running out of time.

Then our Monday residency at Friends. Getting into a slower time of year but we still had a good crowd considering it was getting close to freezing by the time we went on. Felt like we were on fire, played really good. Stage slippery again, wtf? Really made a difference when doing my bass solo, my pedal board started sliding away while using my Wah pedal. Oops. Good show tho.

Friends and BD Riley's this past weekend are now a blur. Noteworthy events were my wireless running out of battery power end of set as Eric broke his strings off after "Voodoo Child", was able to plug in direct just in time to catch last few measures we play. That and had my good friend Heather Webb work merch. She did awesome.

What else...

Have tried all three sets of DR Strings sample pack. My findings:

I like the Lo Rider stainless steel/hex core in grey pack. They were stiffer with more resistance, like finger picking coaxial cable. I liked that. Other two sets were too flexible, had too much give when I would dig into them. It was affecting my playing last night. That and the slippery floor, heh. Plus I try to slide a note down the neck on the low E and half the time the string slips off the fretboard, which makes for a cool rock move but produces little to no actual sound.

Gotta run.

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