Thursday, December 1, 2011

Getting back to business.

Self-imposed vacation felt great, now back to work.

Am in the opening stages of getting Ocean of Stars up and running as a side project. Want to at least have a few pieces/players in place before Christmas Holiday. Will try to have things in motion a bit more before naming names. In the meantime will continue seeking out some kind of label support as I am too broke at the moment to print my own CDs. But am also feeling the inspiration to come up with mock up album art for "House of Leaves" EP. Too bad my copy of book by same name which inspired said EP is in storage somewhere. Shit.

ETB will be close to home but still busy, have a new album to write, playing shows mainly locally to stay tight and pay bills. 9 gigs before Christmas, bring it on. Also have some business to discuss, band meeting on Monday after song-writing session and before Monday residency at Friends. Long day. But we are restocking merch, "Green Diamond" reprint is already here. T-shirts in the works. Also talking Europe in the Spring. Hell yeah, we will have much to discuss \m/,

Yesterday was Trinti's reiki trade with Karen Slafter. Finally got to see her new studio Tattoo 23 on South 1st across from the School for the Deaf. It's awesome, great location, great energy, and more room to work. She is very excited! My mood was a little soured by my van power locks spazzing out, as if Goldie was suddenly haunted by a very annoying poltergeist. While they did energy work, I pulled fuses on the van and hit my head a few times on the hood. But problem solved for now, which is awesome cause still a little tapped out from prior repairs last week.

Monday at Friends was pretty slow, and understandably so. First Monday after Thanksgiving, not much going on in general. But the people there were pretty enthusiastic. Not sure what was up with the slippery stage, guess got my boots dusty walking around the canyons here in Apache Shores. But felt like I was trying to play on a stage made of ice. Feet kept slipping, had to be very conscious of my center of gravity lest I break into an impromptu splits. Which the crowd would have loved but I knew would have hurt like hell...

And finally, if you follow this blog at all feel free to leave comments.

Talking to a friend of the band on Monday she mentioned catching up on my blog from time to time, which is always a pleasant surprise. I don't promote this much, am just letting people discover it.

But at the same time am trying to make it more than just an online journal, I'm trying to also show what it's like to be a working musician. It can be a struggle, against one's finances and against one's own self. My day to day dealings aren't nearly as interesting as say, Lemmy's, but this is what I do and what I deal with. Also, I do admit the filter is set to "High". This is my life and I'm very guarded about telling just anybody about just anything. That, and there are business details and dealings that are no one's business but those involved.

SO yeah, not always that exciting. But this is my life and thanks for reading about it from time to time.

And I swear to fucking Crom I will be posting more pictures.

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