Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Rick Hornyak summer tour Day 1

Saturday June 29 -- Drive day, Austin TX to Kansas City MO.

Probably about a 12 hour trek, driving there and staying the night as opposed to rolling into town to set up and play.

Day began with a bit of stress. After hastily packing (had everything set aside, just not packed into suitcase/backpack) Triniti and I got all the way to Rick Hornyak's street off Brodie when it dawned on me:

I forgot to grab my damn bass!

Well shit. Drove us back home and got it, was running quite behind by then but a funny story now. Rick's wife had cooked us all bacon and eggs, which was awesome cause in my rush to get out the door eating breakfast, much less making coffee, was not happening.

Filled our bellies and said our goodbyes, and Rick, Eric and I piled into the already-packed Silver Bullet II to begin our trek to KC.

Drive was uneventful and smooth and was nice to get out of the van on a pit stop somewhere in Kansas and feel the 20-degree temperature drop. Hell, I needed to get my hoodie out! (We were leaving the triple-digit Texas heat very far behind).

Checked into our room at the Q Hotel & Spa in downtown-ish Kansas City, very nice, and a stone's throw from Ernie Biggs where we'd be playing the next night. Set right to work trashing our room like rockstars.

Well, was more like the Corona box slipped out of Rick's hand and one of our handful of beers broke, heh.

We cleaned it up, requested more towels to continue the job and tried to borrow a vacuum cleaner for any stray shards of glass. But the Q was already crawling with drunken activity from a wedding party so that didn't happen. But our feet were fine.

Spent a quiet evening avoiding the ruckus out front and playing games on our iPhones. Rock n Roll!

"Come play with us, Danny. Forever, and ever, and ever..."

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