Wednesday, June 25, 2014

AATS 6000 Mile Tour Day 11, Bellingham WA

Sunday May 25, 2014

Memorial Day, and what would have been my 12 year wedding anniversary had my wife and I not respectfully and civilly divorced in 2010. We are still friends and on good terms so that is all I have to say about that.

What I do want to mention is: the day's drive would only be *gasp* 90 miles to Bellingham!

Shit, we could walk there and make the show on time. We didn't of course, but after 11 days traveling like fugitives on the run, a 90 mile drive might as well been a trip to the corner store.

Day was grey and rainy, and nice that we could take our time.

Physically I was feeling pretty good considering.

My right thumb (anchor point for my pick hand) had been acting tweaky, so I was making sure to stretch it as well as gobbling ibuprofin like candy. My body was feeling some wear and tear from the short high energy sets (short power sets can be more grueling than 2-3 hour marathon night, sounds weird but that is the case), but the fact that Adrian and I's stage position varied from night to night meant that my neck and shoulders were evenly taking the brunt, rather than everything being concentrated onto one side. Again, ibuprofin.

That, and the Mucinex Armando had picked up along the way was finally chipping away at the tubercular hacking cough we had both started the journey with, so that was nice.

Adios Seattle, it was a blast! Hope to see you again soon

Thank you Mother Nature fore washing our windshield \m/,

Rolled into Bellingham's downtown with plenty of time to spare. Was still rainy off and on. The entire downtown (not very big) was a Memorial Day Festival, so lots of blocked off streets, families, vendors, etc.

Bellingham is pretty far up there. Had I thrown a rock hard enough, it may have actually made it to Canada.

Adrian knew the score and piloted us to the right place where we went through the cones and parked the van for load in. A leisurely load in, save for the weirdly placed front entrance and the stairs leading down to the stage area.

Decent sized place, decent sized stage. I can't even remember the name of the venue now. Set up and waited for the sound engineer. Adrian eventually took a nap behind my bass rig, and Armando and I wandered around outside in between passing rain showers.

There was a band playing an outside stage (covered, but still... rain). Glad we were playing inside, tho they had a good crowd. They played covers and were dressed in orange NASA jump suits, and were quite good. They'd be playing after us at the place we had just loaded into and which I can't even remember what is called.

An early set this time around, tho longer than the previous barn-burners we'd been doing the past 6/7 days.

Fuck. Two more shows after this, before finally a day off. I think I can, I think I can...

Our set went ok, our crowd response was mixed until Adrian jumped offstage and began rocking the fuck out of the few people paying attention to us at the time. THAT won them over! She would never in a million years reach the bar with her available length of cables, but she tried heh.

A-Train's stage boots. I don't think they'd fit me hahaha!

The people that were into us loved it, and we were too tired and burned out to care if people didn't. All in all a pretty decent show for what little I recall of it.

Slight cluster fuckage as the band after us rolled in with their gear, but we maneuvered it around one another and they set up while we gathered our strength and tried to collect our wits. We still needed to get all this shit back up the stairs, and through the by now massively swelling crowd.

They sold food and I got a burger, and entertained my deliriously tired self watching drunk ladies dance naughty with each other. Ha! Of course the band after us was tearing it up and the crowd was going nuts. We were too tired to be bothered by that, and good for them as they were awesome.

Got our shit up the stairs and into the van. I don't even remember where we stayed that night. Sensory overload and fatigue were starting to blur everything together, or delete files altogether.

And that was only going to get worse.

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