Tuesday, June 3, 2014

AATS 6000 Mile Tour Day 3: Flagstaff AZ

I slept on a couch in the living room, and was awoken in the morning by a weird, intermittent sound that I couldn't identify at first.

Checking my surroundings, found the source of said noise: their chubby little dog snoring happily on the chair next to me :)

Drove around til we located a Guitar Center so Adrian could get some strings. Walking in there I know I had been there before. #roaddog

Stopped off at Waffle House before climbing the mountains into Flagstaff

Adrian and the Waffleness!

Touching up on our Waffle House lingo

Much shorter drive than previous two days, but the climb did take some time as Vincent Van Go likes to heat up when going uphill. But it was also cooling off quickly as we climbed in elevation. I checked in on FB every time we hit another 1000 feet.

And cool watching the scenery change as we climbed in elevation, scrub junipers coming in around 4000ft, giving way to Ponderosa Pines at around 6000.

Arrived somewhat punctually (hahaha) to the Orpheum Theater, and immediately felt the near-7000ft elevation.

Have been to Flagstaff a half dozen times over the years, and I never recognize it the way I recognize other cities. Weird. Was curious if the Orpheum Theater would bring back a flood of memories, as the Truckers played a theater in Flagstaff once and I wondered if was the same place. Nope, never been there.

We were opening for Living In The Past, a Jethro Tull tribute band. We would be using their drums (custom built for one of Pearl Jam's drummers) and they would be using my bass rig. Fine by me, saved some loading time as well \m/,

Orpheum Theater was pretty bad ass. Big stage, big lights, big sound. Large open area in front of stage before theater seats followed by a large back bar area. Awesome place! My bass rig sounded great as LITP was soundchecking, and our sound was HUGE when it was our turn. Yes! Met Ray the singer and he was all sorts of nice, very excited about the show and had been promoting the hell out of it.

Made sandwiches and hung out in the van to kill time, as its a great green-room-on-wheels, the temp was gorgeous, and LITP had the Orpheum green room (mind you, AATS were welcome in there, but were being respectful).

The start time was pushed back slightly to let it fill a bit more (very big place). And when we went on, the stage lights were such that we couldn't see the crowd, at all. So even if there weren't that many people there to see us, they sure were hollering like a huge crowd!

Another great barnburner set. Trying to remember any specific details at this point. We rocked, I remember that!

Adrian and the Pink Floydness?!? Photo by Kim Radke

Fun times, and nothing to clear off stage, as Adrian had been asked to leave her rig onstage to play some AC/DC with LITP \m/,

And they were pretty bad ass. Spot on, and Jethro Tull is not easy shit. Ray even nailed the flute parts. Awesome watching them and talking to them afterwards. Also caught up with my friend Kim from Tempe, who I've known thru the 6th Street musician community. She would be putting us up in Tempe after our show there. Again, good people.

And speaking of good people, Ray and his wife were providing us a hotel that night in Sedona (30 miles south) and having us over for barbeque the next day, and they would personally lead the way there after the show. Holy shit, wow!

And it was indeed a crazy late night drive. Lots of twists and turns, and increasingly forboding/beautiful rock formations were being silhouetted in the moonlight as we got closer and closer. Couldn't wait to see the place in daylight.

I've heard about Sedona, but in all my travels have never been there.

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