Wednesday, June 25, 2014

AATS 6000 Mile Tour Day 12, Boise ID

Monday May 26, 2014

Bellingham WA to Boise ID -- 588 miles.

Fuck. No wonder I seem to be missing entire sections of this particular 24 hour period from my memory banks. And it's kinda weirding me out.

I know we played Liquid Lounge. According to my journal, it was a fun show considering it was a Monday night. Checking with Adrian for any details, she confirmed that we had fun, and the other bands were dancing and having a blast. I remember where we stayed and who we stayed with (there's a story there). I even looked up the Liquid Lounge website to check out pictures of the club. Still drawing a blank.

But at the same time, at this point (a month after the fact) I also can't recall where we stayed in Bellingham.

I attribute this to fatigue from this being show #8 of the 9-gig straight run, which has stretched from Tempe AZ, all the way up the California coast thru Oregon and Washington State, up to the last fucking corner of America. From Bellingham, you could walk to Canada and wouldn't need to pack a lunch. Now we are headed back towards Texas, roughly.

I do recall most of the day, because it was an incredible drive. If I receive any information that finally jogs my memory, I will sure as hell update this blog.

Being the PNW is Adrian's stomping grounds, she knows all the cool places \m/,

Checking the fluid levels and adding coolant before hitting the road

Our long as fuck day began on the right track, with a visit to Snoqualmie Falls! But first we had to get there, which meant traveling back through Seattle and veering East from there.

According to Adrian it is the highest water fall in the continental US at least, if not North America. Regardless which fun fact is factual, it was beautiful!

Adrian and the Snoqualmness!

If we kept walking along the overlook trail we could have climbed down and walked along the river below us. As awesome as that would have been, we simply didn't have the time.

So we hit the road and continued to Boise, through the Snoqualmie Pass through the Cascade Mountains. Just, WOW.

Still snow on the peaks.

As we climbed in elevation, believe we got up to almost 9000 feet at one point, again there was the crinkle/crackle of empty plastic water bottles swelling from the drop in pressure. It's a really cool sound \m/,

"Dear FB friends, we have made it through the mountains!"

Soon we were in high desert plains, the "rain shadow" of the Cascade range. Still hours to go and hundreds of miles to cross. Somewhere along the way, we stopped to make tour tacos!

Photo by Armando

Checking the map on my iPhone ("Are we there yet?!?") Noticed this little area of the upcoming drive, east of Pendleton, OR. Something tells me this will be interesting, and I even posted the photo to Instagram with a similar caption:

And Holy Shit, did I call it. And won the lottery. This little crooked-as-fuck stretch of road was AMAZINGLY beautiful!

Beautiful rolling emerald green hills, afternoon sunlight at the perfect angle. It was a photographer's dream.

It took awhile to post these photos online because I literally could not stop shooting (iPhone) for however long it took to wind our way through this little corner of paradise.

Then this national forest happened (Google maps not telling me what the hell it is, darn you weak internet signal)

More mountains

Then this

And finally this:

To the best of my recollection it was dusk by the time we got to Boise. That, and I have always pronounced Boise as rhyming with "noisey" or "New Joizey." But Adrian was pronouncing it with a harder S sound, as if "messy" rhymed with it. Huh. You learn something new every day.

And here is where the files are missing.

According to my journals, we pretty much drove straight to the venue, set up, and played. And had a fun show. But again, I literally cannot remember what the venue looked like, what the stage looked like, who the other bands were, how long we played. Until something jogs my memory, that is all "file not found." But we did just spend way more than 10 hours in the van  (and there were several drives like this in the past 8 days) so my brain was understandably running out of cylinders to fire.

And it's kind of weirding me out. Not finding any pictures that either the three of us took or that people posted. It's almost like we were abducted by aliens or something.

But we stayed with Adrian's good friend Sharon at her house. I know Sharon, have met her few times in the past. Used to live in Austin, and travels there to visit from time to time.

She's all kinds of cool, and her place was nice. We all stayed up for awhile over beers and conversation. I slept on a couch in the living room, and it was glorious.

Until I woke in the middle of the night having to pee so bad you wouldn't believe it. Like, the timer was going off in my head. I had 30 seconds tops.

Tried to locate the bathroom. Three or four doors in the hallway. All closed. One of them is Sharon's bedroom, one a closet, one might be another bedroom, one might be the bathroom? I didn't want to barge into Sharon's room in the dark and hit the light thinking it was the bathroom.

Shit shit shit.

10 seconds.

I had to act quick, and I sure as hell wasn't going to use the kitchen sink. So I went to the patio out back (I knew where THAT door led) and went off the patio. Sorry Sharon! But it was dark and I don't think the neighbors saw anything. And looking down there the next morning it was grass and plants down below.

Crisis averted.

I remember that much.

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