Friday, January 8, 2010

Home, 10:19pm

Staying in tonight cause it's about 25 degrees and will be in the teens over night. Feel like a wuss but need a break anyway.

My mental health day Tuesday was a complete success. Stuck to my goal of doing fuck all the entire day, save for dropping off my stricken speakers and later running a load of clothes and a much-need trip to the grocery store. Cooked myself my first proper meal since probably Christmas.

Last night at Friends with Eric Tessmer Band was pretty damn awesome. Def felt like we were on fire, everything feeling tight and powerful. Pretty decent crowd too tho UT lost the Championship. Didn't even know about it or that they were playing until a text from JB earlier that evening. Shows how much I follow sports. We were set up around halftime as first band ended way early, and had to wait til the end of the game to start.

Picked up the SVT-II from Jesse at Austin Vintage yesterday, blown power tube and a fuse. $12.99 fix. Will need an imminent retube tho, and that will run almost $200 just for the tubes. Asked if when I got around to it Jesse would show me how to bias it. He said sure. Awesome, biasing is one of the main things about amps I don't know how to do, and will save money in the future.

New Line6 X2 wireless system has been working like a charm tho it eats batteries, fun so far. Bass speakers should be ready next week. Have been kicking around the idea of building a 2-space rack to hold just the wireless and the power conditioner, that way I could use it with any amp, rather than pulling the wireless to use with the SVT or on guitar. Have enough scrap wood and all the hardware I need. Just need the time.

Wednesday at Maggie Mae's with ETB was alright. Had people at the end but typically dead most of it. Fun gig tho, played pretty good. No wireless cause I left the damn 6-pack of 9 volts I specifically bought for it in Goldie Hawn 4 blocks away. Well shit. Was informed by Michael that the 2 Ropollo's pizza locations on 6th Street give discounts on slices to musicians playing that night. Went to try and sure enough got a slice of pepperoni for $1.50. Awesome! Sometimes Ropollo's pizza is my dinner...

Monday at Friends with ETB was pretty awesome. Started off pretty loose but picked it back up few songs in. Decent crowd for a Monday and got to try the wireless out for the first time. Worked out of the box, and continued to do so after taking a spill off the railing (this happened Thurs as well and still works). Gary Clarke Jr was there for a bit, stuck around to catch a few tunes, including this weird/awesome jam we just pulled out of our asses. Cool bassline I made up with using the Phrygian/Egyptian scale (not sure the terminology, just know what scales sound like), cool shit. A jam that we will never remember, or ever be able replicate if we did. Taking chances like that onstage is awesome, and with the caliber players onstage with me when we do that at the very least it won't suck, heh!

Back to the subject of food. My mom said I'd lost weight over Christmas and out of curiosity got on the scale. 159, wow. I usually range between 163-167 and only drop into the upper 150's when I get the flu. But with the divorce and trying to do too mnay things at once eating is becoming a chore.

That and all the touring I've done in the last 2 years has pretty much recalibrated my metabolism to run full bore on only 2 meals a day. Breakfast not usually being one of them. Came back lean and mean from the last King's X tour and have pretty much stayed that way. Usually get caught up in what I am doing and leave in the morning only remember to force myself to eat something on the way out the door, as I usually blow it off and eat later. If at all. Weird how stress affects me like that.

Ate a shitload last night before heading to Friends, some Hamburger Helper lasagne with turkey meat, leftover mixed veggies, then after my nap a protein drink and some Wisconsin summer sausage with Triscuits. Probably as much as I've eaten the rest of the week combined, heh. Was stuffed as hell most of the night but I think my body finally told me enough is enough...

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