Thursday, January 14, 2010

Must be the weather (damp, dreary) but I feel like going back to bed at 1pm.

But I need to run to all the music/record stores down south and put up flyers for the ETB cd release next weekend. Had I realized Eric was too tied up with mixing/mastering to print up flyers and handbills would have volunteered way sooner. Got designed them yesterday and went to Affordable Sound and printed up 60 full color 12x18's and 1000 b&w handbills (had to cut them up myself but no biggie) for about $65. Not too shabby.

Last night at Maggie's with ETB went pretty good. Had a really good crowd for about the first half. Then when everyone bailed we did some onstage practice. "Herusha" sounds fucking awesome on the CD but is still pretty rough live. Even did "Taildragger" for once as well. Got the final mastered mix of the CD last night, need to listen to it more to form an opinion.

Keep meaning to stretch out and warm up my hands/forearms not only pre-set but in general but can't seem to get around to it. Def feel it in my body. Even jumping onstage cold my forearms will feel tight first song or two (depending on what we open with) but doesn't really affect my playing, so that's good. Hands are kind of a mess tho. Lots of little scratches/abrasions from moving stuff from the house and reaching into my jean pockets on cold/dry nights. Sometime last week I somehow knocked the skin under the nail on my R index finger back a little. A little discomfort and doesn't affect my playing but now the nail looks mishapen and goofy, heh. Hopefully having 4 days off from playing will help. That and have a small cut on my L ring finger that DOES hurt so I had to adjust quite a bit last night.

Still no word from Austin Speaker, will call them today maybe. Marshall has been running/sounding great. Wireless system is a lot of fun. Strap buttons on bass were getting loose so stuck some toothpicks and wood glue into the holes earlier in the week. Seems to have done the trick.

Tuesday night practiced with Shandon finally. Jim coudln't make it but still had Gary, Trevor and Tom. Sounded pretty good too. Borrowed Tessmer's Super Reverb and it sounded gorgeous. May use it for the Continental Club show next week Thursday. It will be another Sahm Covers Sahm set, 13 Sir Doug tunes. Man that stuff is fun to play. Such good songs too. Will try to arrange to horn parts on "Nitty Gritty" for guitar. See if either Tom or Jim and I can Lynyrd Skynyrd it up. Looks like we will have three guitars for the show so bring it on! My backing vocals have been working pretty well too. Added some upper harmonies on "Groover's Paradise". Looking forward to the show.

Will try to go out this weekend and see some bands on Red River and catch up with that crowd. So busy lately been missing a lot of good shows, and usually too tired to go out when I have a weekend off (like this one). Haven't checked out the new place Encore (old Spiro's). Billy from Elvis on Speed's new band Killa Dilla is playing, might check that out. But also Gary Clarke Jr @ Antone's that night, been meaning to catch a full set from him since the Truckers played with him last year at the Brew-B-Que. So much good music in this town, I love it!

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